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Jessie James Decker ‘Hearts’ NYC, Sizzles Downtown in New Workout Gear Photo

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

On Monday (September 13th) country singer Jessie James Decker took to her Instagram to share a snapshot of her enjoying some time in New York City.

“I ❤️ NY,” Jessie James Decker captioned the post, which features her rocking workout gear while enjoying some fresh air in the city.

The latest social media post comes just hours after James Deck competed on Family Feud.

In a post about her game show appearance, the country singer shared, “We are playing for @grahamsfoundation. We chose this foundation in particular for my Goddaughter @sydneyraebass Brooklyn who was born a preemie. Vivi was bummed she couldn’t be on it but I tried to explain to her we could only have 5 team members and she was too little to reach the podium anyway.”

James Decker Opens Up About Her Struggles With Mom Shamers 

During a 2019 interview with Health, Jessie James Decker talks about dealing with mom shamers all the time. “I definitely don’t understand the whole weirdness about breastfeeding. It’s probably one of the oldest things we’ve done from the beginning of time.”

James Decker also stated that she’s not weird about pulling her breast out to feed her babies because it is natural.

“They are there to feed my children. That’s it. So we should all not be so sensitive about it.”

In regards to what she thinks everyone should be doing besides shaming, Jessie James Decker said, “I think we all should focus more on cheering each other and positivity. Because being a mommy is one of the most wonderful things in the world. But it also is hard.”

Jessi Talks Skincare Routine & Self Care Time 

While also chatting with Health, Jessie James Deck shared some skincare routine tips. “I do use these products called Ren that I really like. They’re superorganic and all-natural. And I’ve never had a breakout from them. So I’ve been into that lately.”

James Deck admitted that she’s always been a soap and water girl, but she also has the most sensitive skin in the world. “So I’m not really big on tons of products. I just tried something new and I told myself not to. I broke out in hives.”

James Decker goes on to talk about her self-care methods.

“I like bubble baths at night. And I’ll have a glass of wine. I’ll listen to some music,” she revealed. The country singer then declared that if it’s late at night and everyone else is asleep, she’ll watch Sex in the City or other TV shows to unwind.

“But I’m one of those [people who] can honestly hang out with my family 24/7. I don’t need a ton of me time. But when I do, it’s a bubble bath,” she added.