Jessie James Decker and Her ‘Favorite Girl’ Smile for Daughters’ Day Photo: ‘You Make My Heart Full’

by Kati Michelle

Jessie James Decker really sought to make her mark on 2021 releasing oodles of new music lately. The American country pop singer-songwriter is also an entrepreneur and former TV personality. Actually, you can add New York Times best-selling author to that growing list of hats she wears as well.

Over the years, she and football star hubby Eric Decker have built a life they’re really proud of together. This includes the addition of three little munchkins: Vivianne, Eric II, and Forrest. Jessie often shows off her little army on Instagram, detailing their milestones from birthdays to the first day of school. There’s also plenty of dancing, bubble-blowing, and just all-around good, clean fun.

Saturday actually marked National Daughters’ Day and Jessie took to Instagram to share another precious family moment.

Jessie James Decker and Daughter Vivianne Cheesin’ For Days

The latest Instagram post from Jessie James Decker shows off her favorite photographer’s skills once again. The Decker family seems to exclusively utilize services from @imagesofgracephoto. It’s not hard to understand why.

Jessie and her daughter Vivianne are glowing in their latest photo together while sharing a loving embrace. Jessie keeps a casual, soft smile while Vivianne’s toothy grin is the star of the show. The resemblance is definitely there in the mother-daughter duo’s chocolate brown eyes. It appears they might also be sporting matching jewelry.

The caption fully reads: “Happy National Daughters day to my favorite girl in the whole world❤️ you make my heart full❤️ #mamasgirl#nationaldaughtersday

The comments are flooded with heart emojis and fans can’t get enough of the family’s love for one another. Many also try to postulate whether she looks more like mom or dad. According to the majority, “she looks SO much like Eric here!”

You can catch the sweet snap from Jessie James Decker’s official Instagram account:

Stripping It Down

After releasing the fully produced version of “Not In Love With You” previously in the month, Jessie James Decker is stripping it down in one of her latest Twitter posts. Though the stripped-down version is acoustic/acapella, it’s certainly not lacking.

Jessie rocks a plain white t-shirt, blue jeans, and bare feet, making her voice the focus of the video. The video is climbing steadily, with almost 4k views in less than 24 hours.

She captioned the performance: “That feeling of being in between loving someone and letting go… though I may not have a broken heart I certainly know what it feels like”

Take a listen here: