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Jessie James Decker, Husband Eric and Their Adorable Kids Dance to Her New Song in Hilarious Post

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Jessie James Decker is country music’s latest breakout artist and in addition, she’s a passionate mom of three. And like most moms, Decker couldn’t help but get her kids involved in her latest shenanigans, that being a major dance-off to her latest release, “Should’ve Known Better.”

Check out the humorous clip below.

While Decker’s video serves as another highlight on her social media pages for her latest hit song, it’s her children that ultimately steal the show. With three lively littles, her life as both a mom and a country singer is anything but linear.

She captions the post, “Should have known better” Decker family style.” However, she highlights the silliness that comes along with the title of mom, further writing, “messy and silly and the best we could do outta 5 tries.” That in itself is a major #momwin as she managed to get all three children to participate in the multiple takes.

“Forrest (Decker’s youngest) had one job according to Vivi, keep the bubbles flowin,” and boy, did he try. If you watch the video a second time after the singer’s daughter, Vivi, steals the show, viewers see the little boy relocating the little bubble machine and making sure the bubbles came nonstop. Truly a dedicated bubble aficionado.

The sweet clip concludes with Vivi stopping the recording, her tongue slightly sticking out of the side of her mouth. As the star of the clip, she’s truly a focused character.

The Jesse James Decker Family is Legit Goals

Jessie James Decker and her family of five are truly goals. If it wasn’t apparent in her latest Instagram post, take a look at the star’s previous clips and photos because many feature her love for her family, and her kids especially, rather than her own accomplishments and milestones.

Like many moms, she previously captured the three children’s back-to-school photos, sharing them with her 3 million+ followers. This year, Decker’s daughter Vivianne began second grade, while her sons began kindergarten and Pre-K.

Additionally, an August photo shoot captured the family of five on a dreamy sunset backdropped beach. Each of the photos within the roll captures an intimate moment between Decker and each of the kids, one photo with her eldest son saved for a very special 6th birthday post.

Below, she shares a tender moment with 6-year-old Eric.

Many of Jessie James Decker’s followers adore her kids almost as much as they adore her. Below her posts, you can frequently see comments like, “Cutest,” and “So sweet!”

As the country singer continues to make waves across radio stations with her latest hit, we can only home to see more of the Jessie James Decker family across social media.