Jimmie Allen on Creating Music: ‘It’s Not About What Sells, It’s About What Connects’

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM)

Jimmie Allen is singing a unique tune in his latest message about new music. He’s alluding to it’s not always about the money, but it’s about his audience. However, if something connects well with his fans, then in turn he should sell a lot of albums.

Allen shares this message on Twitter. The singer-songwriters writes, “When creating music… It’s not about what sells, it’s about what connects.”

Perhaps he’s referencing some new music that he’s already leaked to fans.

Jimmie Allen Teases New Music

The country music artist just posted this audio file. It’s the tweet that he shared right before Allen posted about connecting with his fans.

The audio file is a one-minute clip of what we are predicting as Allen’s new single. He writes in the caption that it’s a “demo” that’s titled “Don’t Exist.”

Though some might question the title of the song, it’s actually about someone that’s holding onto a love that doesn’t exist. Allen wrote the song with Will Weatherly and Dustin Lolli.

“But I miss you so bad, you should know that I’m trying to get back a love that don’t exist,” Allen previews in the demo.

Allen’s Previous Music

The singer released his debut album “Mercury Lane” back in 2018. Furthermore, earlier this year he collaborated with Noah Cyrus on a single titled, “This Is Us.” The song’s also featured on his follow up EP.

The EP included seven songs in total and dropped this past July. Bettie James is a “musical composition of love, heartbreak, perseverance, hope, and faith,” writes BBR Music Group.

Allen’s Using His Voice in More Way Than One

Next year the singer-songwriter is releasing a book titled, My Voice Is a Trumpet. He’s hoping to connect with the younger crowd on an important topic.

The book is meant to encourage children to use their voice. As a matter of fact, he’s using a variety of animals in the book to share the power of speaking up.