Jimmie Allen Makes Hilarious Observation About NFL Teams This Year

by Joe Rutland

Country music singer-songwriter Jimmie Allen has been tuned into the NFL this season and shared a rather interesting thought.

Allen, in reviewing the season’s results for NFL teams, referenced how many feather-related teams have not been too successful.

He offered up this thought prior to the Baltimore Ravens’ 20-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans in an AFC Wild Card game on Sunday.

But it has been a stinker of a season for those bird-related teams, such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, and Seattle Seahawks.

Jimmie Allen Held Out Hopes For His Philadelphia Eagles

Allen is a big Eagles fan and held out hope in December that his team would make the NFL playoffs.

When they were 4-8-1 in the awful NFC East, Allen was still eyeing a postseason spot for his team. In a tweet around that time, he said that he is not giving up on his dream of watching the Eagles reach the playoffs.

“My Eagles, and yes, we stink this season but,… we still have a chance at the playoffs, haha.” he said via Twitter. Much to Allen’s chagrin, the Eagles didn’t make it.

In other NFL bird-named teams news, the Seahawks lost 30-20 at home to the Los Angeles Rams in an NFC Wild Card game on Saturday. That loss snapped a 10-game home playoff streak for the Russell Wilson-led Seahawks.

Arizona ended up 8-8 for the season and Atlanta finished below .500 as both teams missed the NFL playoffs.

Allen Focuses On Music That Connects With People

Allen is singing a unique tune in his latest message about new music. He alludes to it not always being about the money, but it’s about his audience. However, if something connects well with his fans, then in turn he should sell a lot of albums.

Allen shares this message on Twitter. The singer-songwriter writes, “When creating music… It’s not about what sells, it’s about what connects.”

The singer released his debut album “Mercury Lane” back in 2018. Furthermore, in 2020 he collaborated with Noah Cyrus on a single title “This Is Us.” The song’s also featured on his follow-up EP.

This year, Allen is releasing a book titled My Voice Is a Trumpet. He’s hoping to connect with the younger crowd on an important topic. The book is meant to encourage children to use their voice.