Jimmie Allen Opens Up About Being Raised on Country Music

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Jimmie Allen has recently bulldozed through the country music scene with a unique style and perspective.

He’s only been active in the music world since 2017 and released the album “Mercury Lane” in 2018. Then, in 2021, he won the Country Music Association Award for New Artist of the year. This was not long after the release of his album “Bettie James” in 2021.

Fast forward to now and he also was the host of the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards alongside Dolly Parton and Gabby Barrett.

So, how did Jimmie Allen originally fall in love with the art of country music?

Well, that all comes from growing up in his hometown of Milton, Deleware. He affectionately calls a “little redneck town.” It was a town where everyone would tune their radios to listen to country music, including his father. He would even get into trouble if he tried to change to a different station in his father’s truck.

“Country music’s all my father listened to. Nothing else … [I] continued to fall in love with other genres of music but then I realized, OK, for me and who I am as a person, a country music world is for me,” Allen told NPR. It’s not the only genre his music is infused with, however. The artist also leaned on rock, blues, Christian music, and R&B throughout his life.

Country music to him is one thing in particular — home.

It’s all about his family, living in a small town full of familiar faces, and about all the freedom and love that comes from this. Several of his songs make very specific references to his favorite places growing up. The song “Home Sweet Hometown” is a love song to Milton. It’s where he gets an opportunity to affectionately remember things like the “handful of red lights down main.”

Jimmie Allen’s Father

When it comes to influences, it’s certainly no secret the kind of impact Jimmie Allen’s parents had on him.

His father, James, sadly passed away in 2019. Allen wrote a song dedicated to him called “Down Home.”

It was written with Cameron Bedell, Rian Ball, and Tate Howell and highlights the unwavering support from his parents.

“My dad and my mom told me, ’Don’t just think there’s one way to be successful,’ Remember, there’s more than one way to spread your name and who you are in country music. It’s helped my career in a tremendous way,” Allen said, according to CMT.

It took him years to be ready to write this song. His father played a huge role in falling in love with country music. He wanted to make sure it was perfect in every way.

“I just talked about him and let him know that we miss him, and he’s the reason why I fell in love with country music. I feel like it was time … feel in the right place, mentally, where I wanted to write that song, and I wanted to play it out, you know, for me. But also, there’s a lot of other people that lose a parent, and they’re going through the same thing,” Allen also said.