Jimmie Allen Reveals No. 1 For Songwriting: Must Be Able to Sing Tunes In Front of His Grandmother

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM)

Jimmie Allen might have three No. 1 songs to his name. But, he doesn’t let the music fame get to his head—or in the way of quality songwriting. Since making his debut in 2018, Allen has seen his songs, “Best Shot,” “Make Me Want To,” and “Freedom Was a Highway” (featuring Brad Paisley) top charts. However, his rule for ensuring their success? He has to be able to sing his songs in front of his grandmother. The country star explained his position while attending the MusiCares Person of the Year Gala.

While speaking with PEOPLE magazine on Friday night at the gala, Jimmie Allen said, “For me as a songwriter, one thing I’ve always told myself was I would never record or release a song that I couldn’t sing in front of my grandmother.”

The country artist added, “That’s been my mentality even before I got my first record.”

In a world where quality often takes a back seat, Jimmie Allen’s true to his roots and country music values.

Additionally, it’s not only his grandmother’s approval that Jimmie Allen seeks when it comes to songwriting. As per the outlet, the father of three strives to create music that avoids embarrassing his children.

In regard to parenthood, Jimmie Allen said, “Being a parent and knowing there are other parents out there, I don’t want to put out music that parents won’t want their kids to listen to.” By extension, he acknowledged that there are plenty of artists in the business that don’t follow that same mindset.

Jimmie Allen shares three young children with his wife, Alexis, who range between five months and seven years old.

Jimmie Allen Grew Up On Country Music

Nashville might be the home of country music, but for Jimmie Allen, home lies much farther north, in Milton, Delaware. And despite growing up so far from the heart of the genre, he previously shared with NPR that Milton, DE is actually just a “little redneck town.” And it was here that he developed a love for country music.

“Country music’s all my father listened to,” he shared with the outlet. “Nothing else…[I] continued to fall in love with other genres of music but then I realized, OK, for me and who I am as a person, a country music world is for me.” Amen brother.

Even more importantly, however, country music isn’t just the genre the rising artist grew up with. It also signifies home for Jimmie Allen. In fact, one of his songs, “Home Sweet Hometown,” is a love song written specifically about Milton.

Additionally, it’s helped him to work through the death of his father, who sadly passed away just a few years ago. Allen’s song, “Down Home,” functions as a tribute to his dad. Of the song, the country star said, “I just talked about him and let him know that we miss him, and he’s the reason why I fell in love with country music.”