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Jimmie Allen Speaks Out About Battling ‘Mental Illness’ Since His Teenage Years

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capital Concerts)

Country star Jimmie Allen has been open about his struggle with mental illness over the past few years. While he opened up about his struggle with bipolar disorder when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the star has continued to encourage the conversation around mental illness. Jimmie Allen once again spoke out about his battle with mental illness on Twitter this week, assuring his followers that they’re not alone. 

What We Learned

  • Jimmie Allen shared he was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder at age 13
  • He chooses not to medicate for the disorder, saying it makes him feel “blah, no personality”
  • The star struggled with mental illness especially hard during COVID lockdowns

Jimmie Allen Relates to His Fans That Struggle With Mental Illness Online  

On Friday evening, the star took to Twitter to speak about mental illness and his personal struggle. 

“I have battled with mental illness since I was 13,” Jimmie Allen wrote. “I know it feels like you’re alone and people sometimes call you crazy or think you’re crazy because they don’t understand you. Everyday [sic] it’s a struggle but we must continue to fight and survive.”

Allen explained why he chooses to be so open about his struggles, encouraging his fans to do the same. He added, “Sharing your struggles lets other people struggling with the same thing know they are not alone.  We are not alone.”

Allen’s Struggle With Bi-Polar Disorder Has Lasted For Decades 

While the country singer frequently speaks out on his struggles, he wasn’t always so open. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit and regions across the world went into lockdowns, Jimmie Allen shared the toll it took on him and his Bipolar disorder.

“Mental illness is something I struggle with and so many others,” he shared on Instagram in 2020. “I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 13. This is the first time I’ve ever put those feelings into words. To everyone struggling daily fighting internal battles, remember you’re not alone. Seek help. People are there for you.”

For Allen, he says that touring around the world and meeting people was better than any medication he could take for his mental illness. “That’s kinda what was my medication for a while,” Allen told People in May 2020. “The first couple weeks of the quarantine was easy. I was like, ‘We can get through this.’ The last couple weeks, when what I realized was my new medication — the touring and being around people and hanging out — was stripped, I had to readjust and figure out, ‘What else can I do to help myself get through this?'”

Jimmie Allen’s Candid Take on Mental Illness Has Helped Other Stars 

In the same 2020 interview, the star revealed that other country singers reached out to him after he opened up. Some even shared that they struggled with the same issues, but weren’t comfortable enough speaking out. “Well, the one thing I don’t want is for people to feel like they’re on an island by themselves,” Allen said when explaining why he chose to share his struggle with the world. “When you feel like you’re isolated and you’re on your own, you feel hopeless and who knows what those hopeless thoughts can turn into.”