Jimmie Allen Talks Long Hard Road of ‘Sacrifices’ to Grammy Nomination

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Jimmie Allen will be on stage with Dolly Parton and Gabby Barrett hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards this Monday from Vegas.

And he’ll be performing two songs — “Down Home” and “Viva Las Vegas.” That officially places him as a country music heavyweight. Plus, just look at the trophies he won for best new artist in 2021. But as he did publicity for the ACMs, he couldn’t help but talk about the award he didn’t win in 2021. Allen believes a Grammy nomination, in itself, is huge.

Jimmie Allen Talks His Grammy Nomination

  • The country singer says his Grammy nomination in 2021 was “huge.” He’ll always have Grammy nominee by his name the rest of his life.
  • Allen will co-host Monday’s ACM awards show with Dolly Parton and Gabby Barrett.
  • He’ll perform two songs during the telecast

Jimmie Allen discussed the topic with fellow star Mickey Guyton. The two appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Guyton was the guest host. And with Allen, she was featuring a good friend and colleague.

“A Grammy is something that can never get taken away,” Jimmie Allen told Guyton. “Win or lose, you have to say ‘Grammy-nominated.”

“You start thinking about everything you sacrificed and worked hard for to get to that moment,” Allen said. “Then, you think about all the people on your team that worked hard and sacrificed with you. It is literally a group thing.”

Jimmie Allen Enjoyed Huge Creative Year From Singing, Producing, Writing

Jimmie Allen is thankful for the year he enjoyed in 2021. He and his wife welcomed a baby daughter. There were the awards. And the Grammy nomination. But he did so much more. He launched his Bettie James imprint with Sony Music Publishing. And he opened his management and production company, JAB Entertainment. He served as executive-producer for the music with Titletown High, a Netflix series. Allen wrote and published a children’s book entitled “My Voice Is a Trumpet.” And he took his country music self mainstream by participating on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

“When I was a kid, my dream was never to just be a musician,” Jimmie Allen told Billboard last December. “It was to be an entertainer — and an entertainer covers all aspects.”

And that brings us back to the Grammy nomination. “I was talking to a friend of mine, a writer in pop and R&B,” Jimmie Allen told Billboard. (He said) ‘This nomination is bigger than you because you are a Black man from Delaware having success in country music. Your Grammy nomination came from your success in country music, a genre of music that you don’t really associate Black people with too much. Win or lose, you have the ability here to inspire people that want to do something [similar], but they don’t see a lot of people who look like them.’

“That’s when it really hit me how big this nomination was,” Allen said.