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Jimmie Allen Teases Fans with Demo for Unreleased Song ‘Don’t Exist’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ACM

Jimmie Allen is teasing fans with a new release. The country artist recently shared a demo for an unreleased song called “Don’t Exist.”

Allen shared the demo on his Twitter page. It is currently unknown what form “Don’t Exist” will take. The singer previously released his debut album “Mercury Lane’ back in 2018. Earlier this year, Allen released a collaboration with Noah Cyrus called “This Is Us,” which featured on Allen’s follow up EP. The EP included seven songs in total and dropped this past July.

Allen has had a bumpy career so far with plenty of ups and downs on his way to stardom. The singer first moved to Nashville in 2007 to pursue a career in music. He’s struggled to get his foot in the industry. But all of his hard work began to pay off within the past few years.

Twitter Reacts to Jimmie Allen’s New Song

Several fans of Allen’s reacted on Twitter to the demo. So far, they’re singing high praise for Allen and his music. One user wrote, “Absolutely beautiful!!! A little sad for before 6am but beautiful!!!.”

Another also commented, “Yasssss!!! We so need the rest of this song. I can see this as a #1 hit.”