Jimmy Buffett Enjoys Day ‘When the Wind and the Water Were Free’ in Throwback Shot

by Charles Craighill

On Twitter the other day, Jimmy Buffett posted a throwback pic from a beach day in 1977. The “Margaritaville” singer has made a living off of his beach vibes and good time music. In this throwback picture, he proves that he can talk the talk and walk the walk. While he might not have a margarita in his hand, he seems to be enjoying himself just fine.

“The shallow waters north of the Lower Keys are called the backcountry,” Jimmy Buffett’s Tweet reads. “In 1977, just another day when the wind and the water were free.”

The quote and the picture apparently come from Key West photographer, Tom Corcoran. Jimmy Buffett seems to enjoy the free wind and water of the Lower Keys with a fresh-cracked beer in his hand. His outfit matches the feeling of his music with a bandana, aviator sunglasses, a necklace, and linen pants. Perhaps the only thing missing is a Hawaiian shirt, however, no shirt at all would be the second-best thing.

Jimmy Buffett Lives on the Beach

Now, almost half a century later, Jimmy Buffett is still taking pictures on a beach. However, now he stands behind the camera as opposed to in front of it. In a recent Twitter post, Buffett shared another modern-day picture of himself on the beach taking a picture of the waves. “Freelance camera operator for hire,” he jokes in the post.

Given the extent of Jimmy Buffett’s success and the wide variety of enterprises he runs, becoming a “freelance camera operator” definitely isn’t out of the question. The multi-millionaire has made quite the living off of his entrepreneurship. While most people know him for his hit song “Margaritaville,” he has also used that to cash in on the hotel and restaurant game. For instance, he owns a large chain of restaurants with the same name, as well as many beachside hotels and resorts.

The Margaritaville Empire

While he may spend most of his time on the beach, Jimmy Buffett is anything but a bum. He has used his tropical vibes to sell everything from music to beer– on an enormous scale, too. His songs may give off an easy, relaxed, and laid-back feeling, however, he has used that feeling to orchestrate a multi-million dollar enterprise.

In fact, he has crafted an entire brand surrounding the hit song. Now, not only can you feel like you are drinking a margarita on a beach when listening to his music, you can actually stay in one of his beachside hotels, drink one of his Margaritaville Brewing Company Drinks, eat at one of his Margaritaville restaurants, and listen to his tropical beach songs. So if you ask me, Jimmy Buffett has earned his right to kick back on a beach and sip on an ice-cold beer.