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Jimmy Buffett Pairs Incredible Throwback Photo with ‘Last Man Standing’ Lyrics

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Jimmy Buffett is continuing his journey down memory lane. The singer-songwriter’s latest look into the past references his song “Last Man Standing.”

On Thursday (Jan. 21), Buffett posted a photo of him in his younger days. He is wearing a New Orleans Saints T-shirt, sunglasses, and he is holding a drink. The location isn’t specified, but it looks like somewhere anyone who wants to have a good time would enjoy. After all, Jimmy Buffett would steer you wrong in that department!

Accompanying the photo are lyrics from “Last Man Standing.”

“Got the devil at the crossroads / But the last man standing / Is singin’ bring on a little bit more.” Check out the tweet below.

“Last Man Standing” appears on Jimmy Buffett’s 2002 album, “Far Side of the World.” In addition to the title track, other songs on this album include “Blue Guitar,” “Savannah Fare You Well,” and “What If the Hokey Pokey Is All It Really is About?”

“Last Man Standing” is a song about feeling young no matter how old we are.

“If they gave Olympic medals for running all-night long / I would have won them all until I turned pro / I’ve got miles of dedication / And a natural inclination / For a childhood game I just could not outgrow,” Buffett sings.

And, while we grow older, we don’t always grow in wisdom, according to the song.

“When you stop and think about / Life is still just high school / You make the same mistakes you did when you were young / Contending for the ladies’ favors / Testing every single flavor / While hopelessly trying not scald your tongue,” the lyrics say.

You can hear Jimmy Buffett sing “Last Man Standing” below.


Jimmy Buffett Looks Back at Old Songs with Throwback Photos

Posting an old photo with song lyrics has become a habit of Jimmy Buffett’s. The popular singer and king of the Parrotheads has been paying homage to his past via social media very frequently in recent months.

For example, on Jan. 17 Jimmy Buffett shared lyrics accompanied by an old-school photo of him with a toucan. Here it is:

This post references his song, “Cowboy In the Jungle.”

While he is out of place, the song’s protagonist starts to make the best of his situation. The following lyrics offer solid advice for those who find themselves in such situations.

“Roll with the punches / Play all of his hunches / Made the best of whatever came his way / What he lacked in ambition / He made up with intuition / Plowing straight ahead come what may.”

The song also reminds us that life is short.

“Living it day to day / And still twenty-four hours, maybe sixty good years / It’s still not that long a stay,” Buffett sings.

“Cowboy In the Jungle” appeared on Buffett’s 1978 album, “Son of a Son of a Sailor.” In addition to it and the title track, other songs on the album include “Livingston Saturday Night” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

You can check out more throwback photos from Jimmy Buffett here.