Jimmy Buffett Poses With Latest Catch, ‘It’s the Size of the Fight in the Fish’

by Jon D. B.

Look alive, parrotheads! Jimmy Buffett has caught himself a tropical beaut – and has some words of wisdom to go along with.

Ready for some tried & true Buffett wisdom from Jimmy himself? Who isn’t? A true coast-dweller, our beachside Shakespeare not only talks the talk, but swims the swim. He’s back with more proof Tuesday, too, as the icon lays his latest catch on social media followers.

“It’s not the size of the fish in the fight… It’s the size of the fight in the fish,” Buffett captions his gorgeous shot to Twitter. Within, the world’s most famous “beach bum” is seen holding his prize: an equally-gorgeous bonefish. His smile, however, may be due just as much to the size of his bonefish as its beauty.

While it’s a pretty one, for sure, bonefish can reach lengths three times this size. As a conservative guess, Buffett’s prize looks to be around 14 inches and maybe 4 lbs. To offer perspective, this sought-after tropical species can reach lengths of over 30 inches, and weight anywhere from 12 to 16 lbs. at their max. But more on that later. For now, let’s all be equal parts in envy and love of Jimmy Buffett as he spends his pandemic tenure like this:

Jimmy Buffett and the Bonefish

If that’s not an excellent name for his next band or restaurant, then we don’t know what is. While it’s a given you’ve seen or heard of Mr. Buffett, his catch – the bonefish – may be a bit more obscure.

The tropical species has an interesting history. It was once believed to be a single species in the Albuliformes family all its own. Marine biologists, however, have now identified 9 different species of bonefish. They’re found across the Atlantic, where three species are known. In addition, bonefish call the Pacific Ocean home, where six species can be found.

The largest of the bonefish family – Albula vulpes – is also the most widespread of the species. They can reach sizes in excess of 2 and 1/2 feet (but don’t tell Jimmy Buffett that). Typically, its much older specimens that reach this size, as bonefish can live to be 20-years-old.

As for their coloration, most bonefish bare striking, striped markings. This can range from silvery side scales with dark brown back stripes, to a distinct olive green like Buffett’s specimen. In addition to their back’s tiger striping, bonefish also sport a horizontal striping from the gills to the tail (see Jimmy Buffett‘s photo for a good example). This patterning comes from a subtle shading of their scales.