Joe Nichols Says He Admires Eric Church for ‘Pushing the Edge’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

Just a little over a month after the release of his new album Good Day For Living, Joe Nichols spoke about who he admires the most in country music. Of those musicians, he looks up to is country music superstar Eric Church. 

During a recent appearance on the Whiskey Riff Raff Podcast, Joe Nichols spoke about why he admires Eric Church. “You know, I really admire guys that, mentioned Eric Church. I really admire guys like that. Where he seems to be able to say a lot of things that are really, really close to being not offensive. But kinda just push the edge a little bit with maybe p—ing somebody off.”

Joe Nichols goes on to add that he doesn’t know that every country music artist plays by that rule. “I think a lot of people, in an effort to kind of be a go-along get along, make this as easy as possible for radio to play this song. Don’t give it a chance for ‘Well, if you hadn’t have said dammit so much in this song, or if you hadn’t have said this, we’d probably play it.’”

Joe Nichols Discusses His Experience in the Music Industry 

During an interview with Music Row last month, Joe Nichols spoke about his experience in the music industry over the years. “Some things have stayed the same. There’s still a need to go to radio and present them with hits. Something they can play on their radio stations and have success with themselves. That’s still king.”

However, Joe Nichols revealed what’s really changed in the industry. “You have a lot of guys and girls that for whatever reason don’t have what radio wants to hear or won’t give what radio wants to hear. But they’re finding success via all the other avenues. And having great careers. They’re selling a lot of tickets. Streaming a lot of music. And building their brands in other ways.”

Joe Nichols goes on to point out that there are thousands of country singers that want to compete for 30 country radio sports. “[Having different avenues other than radio] is a great thing. You have so many other avenues that can give you a great career.”

Despite the perks of the changes, Joe Nichols doesn’t believe every change is good. Especially when it comes to country music. “The music has changed quite a bit. Even in 2002, we could see that coming. In my opinion, one of the country music’s greatest gifts was that it always had an identity of its own. It always was something you could identify out of all things. Along with the identity came this inferiority complex that we weren’t as legitimate as other genres. Say rock or pop.”