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Joe Walsh Announces Nearly $700,000 From VetsAid Benefit Concert Going to Ohio Veterans

by Samantha Whidden
Joe Walsh
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

 A couple of months after the sold-out VetsAid 2022 benefit concert in Columbus, Joe Walsh announced that nearly $700,000 from the event will be going to veterans in Ohio. 

“Today I am thrilled to announce $650,000 disbursed in grants to our Ohio charity partners after VetsAid 2022,” Joe Walsh declared on Instagram. Among the organizations receiving part of the donation are Paralyzed Veterans of America, Buckeye Chapter; Semper Fi & America’s Fund, Travis Manion Foundation, and Save a Warrior; QL+ Foundation. 

In a press release, Walsh spoke about the big event and what it meant to him. “VetsAid 2022 in Columbus will be a memory that my family and I will cherish forever and I am grateful to the bands that participated,” he shared. The musician then declared that Ohio is and will always be his home. He added that he hopes he can continue to make the Buckeye State proud.

Along with Joe Walsh, others who performed at the VetsAid 2023 were Dave Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and The Breeders. The Ohio State University Marching Band also made an appearance.

Joe Walsh Opens Up About Paying Veterans Back For Their Services

While speaking to Best Classic Bands, Joe Walsh talked about his dedication to veterans and why paying it forward to those who served is so important to him. 

When asked what inspired him to start a veteran foundation, Joe Walsh said who started everything was now Senator Tammy Duckworth. She was a Blackhawk pilot. She ended up losing both her legs and partial use of her arms after she was shot down. The veteran asked him to help with her House of Representative campaign. “She asked me if I’d consider helping,” he explained. “And I thought to myself, she put herself in harm’s way and lost two legs. If she wants to run for Congress, she ought to run for Congress.” 

After Duckworth won her election, Walsh stated that he began to realize there were a lot of veterans like her. That’s when he realized he was in a position to make a difference for those who had served. He then talked to his wife’s son about his idea. That was then they put together the first VetsAid benefit show. They then set up the non-profit. 

Walsh noted that while he has teamed up with friends and other charities he’s never had one of his own. “It’s really awkward to ask people to come and play for free.” 

In regards to one his biggest concerns, Joe Walsh said the homeless vets. “We found the Midwest Center for Homeless Vets. It’s run by a vet. He enlarged his house, opened it up, and people came there because they’re homeless.”

Joe Walsh then added that VetAid is working with Gold Star organizations. “We’re helping them because they get scholarships for kids who are gonna go to school.”