John Fogerty Speaks Out About How He’s Always Wanted to ‘Make America Better’

by Samantha Whidden

Speaking about his love for the U.S., singer and songwriter John Fogerty stated he has always wanted to make America better. Even as far back as the beginning of his career more than six decades ago.

During a recent interview with Billboard, John Fogerty stated he believed the current American political situation is “very similar” to the civil rights era of the ’60s and ’70s. He also recalled being considered as one of America’s “most politically significant songwriters” during that era. 

“Well, I took that stuff very seriously,” John Fogerty explained about his reputation. “I consider myself very American. I was and am very aware of being an American citizen, with a lot of interest in American history. At different points, I thought I might become a history teacher. So, it was important to me.” 

John Fogerty also shared how he continues to remain hopeful for America’s future and how he will approach various political events. “When things seemed unfair and they shook my sense of balance and fairness and equality, I thought in terms of ‘We need to fix this. We need to make America better.’ And, of course, in America at that time civil rights was a very high priority among people, young people especially.”

John Fogerty Talks About Different Political Ideologies

Also speaking about writing in a “social-political-culture maelstrom,” John Fogerty discussed how he is approaching the current times differently than in the civil rights era. “One of the differences, to me at [least], is back in the sixties I always felt the young people – meaning the people that were my age at the time – all felt about the same, kind of left-leaning, liberal, wanted to improve America’s civil rights and social rights and stand more for the things that were in our Constitution.” 

However, John Fogerty noted that while it seemed like young people identified with that, the conflict was basically between young people and old people. “Nowadays it’s not that simple and you’ll find even young people in certain political instances or ideologies saying things that certainly I don’t agree with, and you’ll find young people AND old people on the other side.” 

John Fogerty went on to address the “great divide” that the U.S. is currently dealing with. “We seem to have a left side and a right side and a lot of people that think they are centrists, I suppose. From my point of view, a lot of things that come from the conservative side of things seem to not hold up.

John Fogerty went on to add that he believes the misinformation makes not only hard to get along with, but it’s also disturbing that so many people can believe in the misinformation.