John Mellencamp Gets His Own Exhibit at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by Suzanne Halliburton

John Mellencamp earned induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame years ago. So how do you top that?

Well, the Hall sets up an entire exhibit to salute all things John Mellencamp, the legendary singer whose music blends the flavors of pop, rock, blues and country. The Associated Press posted a video that includes some of the exhibition’s highlights.

Check it out below.

There’s a chunk of the Hall that’s devoted to certain icons. You can walk through four floors to see mementos representing the careers of Prince, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Springsteen, The Roots and Jimi Hendrix, among others. Now, John Mellencamp has his own space.

According to the Hall, here are some of the Mellencamp mementos on display. There’s the suit he wore in promotional photos for the 2003 album “Trouble No More.” The Hall also has a 1976 Fender Telecaster Custom guitar Mellencamp played onstage, along with the studio tracking chart for 1981 hit song “Jack and Diane.” Plus, there are gifts between legends. The Hall features a guitar David Bowie gave to Mellencamp. And the singer also is a painter. So the exhibit will feature one of his paintings.

John Mellencamp gave a concert last week in Cleveland to open his permanent exhibit. He was part of the 2008 class of Hall inductees, so he’s familiar with the place.

John Mellencamp performed earlier this month at a NYC fundraiser. He’s planning a giant tour starting in February. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for KACF)

John Mellencamp Is Rereleasing an Album and Launching a Tour

Still, as Mellencamp heads into his 71st year on earth, he has even bigger plans.

He’s remixing one of his top albums, “Scarecrow,” which he released in 1985. That was his eighth studio album. The record was responsible for three big singles — “R.O.C.K in the USA,” “Small Town” and “Lonely Ol Night.” All three hit the top 10. And “Lonely Ol Night.” one of his signature songs, peaked at No. 1 on the mainstream rock charts.

John Mellencamp will rerelease the album on Nov. 4. And, you can’t release an album without a tour, right? He’s planning a five-month, Live and In Person Tour. It starts on Feb. 5 at Indiana University in Bloomington. Here are the key dates for ticket buying. If you’re on his mailing list or subscribe to Turner Classic Movie newsletter, then you’re already eligible to start buying. Also, you can start purchasing tickets if you’re using a Citi-issued credit card.

On Friday, tickets go on sale to the general public. And guess what, that’s also the day John Mellencamp turns 71. Working on an album and selling concert tickets is the best sort of way to acknowledge another year.