John Prine Celebration Pushed Back Whole Year to 2022

by Clayton Edwards

John Prine didn’t rack up a list of chart-topping hits during his five decades of making music. He wasn’t a mainstay on country radio or a constant contender for industry awards. However, you can measure Prine’s success as an artist by the number of hearts he touched (and continues to touch) with his music.

Instead of counting hits, you can count the numerous artists influenced by his music or the smiles his songs put on faces. Was he a hit-making darling of the country music world? No. That doesn’t change the fact that he was a legend. His legacy and music will continue on for as long as people have ears and the desire to hear music that moves them in one way or another.

We tragically lost John Prine to COVID-19 on April 7, 2020. He was one of the many artists that fell in that long and hellish year. The hits came so fast and restrictions were so tight that his fans and contemporaries didn’t have the chance to properly and publicly mourn him. So, with the pandemic seemingly behind us, Prine’s family and record label planned a week-long celebration of his legacy.

You’ve Got Gold: Celebrating the Life & Songs of John Prine was scheduled to take place in Nashville over a week in October. It would have kicked off on October 3 and ran until October 10, which would have been Prine’s seventy-fifth birthday. The week-long event would have had tribute concerts with a stacked lineup of John’s collaborators, fans, and friends in the music world. However, that celebration has been postponed until next year. The new dates are October 7-12 2022.

The venues for next year’s celebration are the same. As a result, tickets for the postponed event will still be valid next year. On the other hand, ticket holders can contact their point of sale for refunds. For full details, see the event’s website.

John Prine Celebration Postponed Until 2022

John Prine’s family and record label, Oh Boy Records, sent out an email announcing the decision to postpone the event. In that message, they said, “Our sincerest wish was to gather safely this October to celebrate the life and music of our beloved John.” However, with the Delta variant of COVID-19 surging across the country, they decided that it was best to postpone the event.

The announcement went on, saying, “In light of how John died, we just could not reconcile pushing forward and adding any undue stress and anxiety during an already fraught season.”

John Prine’s son, Jody, and Prine’s widow, Fiona, posted a video message to discuss the announcement. If you’re one of many people who hoped to attend, keep the words that Fiona shared in mind.

Upon emailing an artist about the postponed concerts, Fiona received a reply that said, “Look, we will always miss John. We will always have John’s songs. We will celebrate him any time.”

So, crank up your favorite John Prine tune today in memory of one of the greats. 2022 isn’t that far away.