John Rich of Big & Rich Shares Emotional Video Returning His Late Grandmother ‘To the Texas Dirt She Loved So Much’

by Jonathan Howard

Losing a grandparent at any age is hard. They love us unconditionally and then some. Country star John Rich recently bid his grandmother goodbye. A Texas woman born in 1932, his “Granny Rich” got a wonderful sendoff from her grandson. Being able to settle end-of-life matters in such a dignified manner is a blessing.

Over on his Twitter page, Rich shared an emotional video. It shows the Big & Rich star spreading his grandmother’s ashes. Apparently, he spread them right where she grew up. That Texas dirt can look dry and unforgiving, but it is beautiful in its own way. Watch the video below.

It really is a touching video. Being able to do something so special for his late grandmother, is what life is all about. Respecting our loved ones and our elders. It looks like a big farm, and back in 1932, I bet it was a bustling little property. John Rich has accomplished a lot in his life, but that last sentence in his post is all that really matters.

“We returned her to the Texas dirt she loved so much,” Rich said to finish the post.

There were so many fans in the replies giving Rich well wishes and condolences. It was actually last year when Cleda Ann Rich passed away at the age of 88. After a little over a year, she has returned to her family farm and final resting place. In 2019, the spunky Granny Rich released her own Granny Rich Reserve on John Rich’s Redneck Riviera Whiskey label. What a life and what a close relationship the two had with one another.

John Rich Coming to Primetime Television

In just a few days, John Rich is going to be hitting primetime television with his new show The Pursuit. On his show, he will speak with a variety of friends and celebrities. They will talk about life, business, and a whole lot of topics. There are going to be many great guests.

His show is part of a new primetime slate on Fox Business network. There will be a couple of other shows as well in the primetime slots. Not only is the country music star going to get his own show, but another familiar name is also going to be featured in the new programming. For those that watch CNBC this new set of shows is going to be familiar to some of the programs they have.

So, of course, Mike Rowe is going to be involved. With John Rich and Rowe, those are two names that will draw views. They have set up the schedule to feature these programs a few times a week with one day for each designated for new episodes. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are going to be the nights to keep an eye out for Rowe and Rich on Fox Business.