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John Rich Comes Across Vintage Elvis Presley Army Uniform at Hard Rock Warehouse

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

While taking a tour of the Hard Rock memorabilia warehouse, John Rich came across a priceless bit of Elvis Presley’s history.

Hard Rock owns a lot of memorabilia from a lot of artists. Guitars, drums, clothing, and so much more. However, this piece of history is likely one of the rarest and most unique items that the place has. John Rich shared a photo of Elvis’ own military uniform. The green outfit is complete with patches and of course, “Presley,” on the right chest. Check it out for yourself.

The story of Elvis Presley’s military service is a peculiar one. He served from March 1958 to March 1960. His time in the army earned him the rank of Sergeant. The singer was a member of the Headquarters Company, 1st Medium Tank Battalion, 32nd Armor Regiment, 3rd Armored Division. During his service, he wasn’t just a Joe Schmo, he was already the biggest name in American entertainment. However, he was awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

John Rich is a student of the history of country music. So, he probably got a big kick out of touring the warehouse and seeing the army uniform. That has to be a very expensive, if not 100% priceless item. While it isn’t going into Rich’s personal collection, seeing it seems to have been enough for him.

Recently, fans might have seen that John Rich has moved his show The Pursuit from Fox Nation to Fox Business. Not only that but he is joined in primetime by Mike Rowe. Now, it seems the two have grown close and are working on a special project together.

John Rich Records Christmas Song with Mike Rowe

Everyone knows John Rich as a country music singer and big-time artist. His work as half of Big & Rich speaks for itself along with his other projects. His move into television has opened some doors and now, it looks like he has gotten into the studio with Mike Rowe. That’s right, the two have apparently recorded a Christmas song.

Before Rowe was on TV, he was actually an opera singer in Baltimore. It was easier to get into than television at the time and the TV host can really belt out a tune. So, this song should end up being great. Rich is used to singing with another person, so who knows what will come out of the one-off project.

Rowe had some words to say about recording with John Rich. He said, “One day soon, I’ll explain the circumstances that led me into a recording studio with this legendary country singer.” He’s got the chops it seems to hang in the studio with the likes of Rich.