John Rich Commends Jason Aldean After Backlash

by Josh Lanier

John Rich doesn’t care if you like him or not. He’s going to stand up for what he believes in. And he’ll do the same for any country musician willing to do the same. The Big & Rich singer recently defended Carrie Underwood after she ended up on the wrong side of a “canceling.” Now, he’s backing Jason Aldean.

Aldean caught Twitter’s wrath recently after his wife posted photos of herself and her kids wearing anti-Joe Biden shirts. In an Instagram post, Brittany Aldean sported a shirt that read “Anti Biden Social Club.” She put their kids, Memphis, 3, and Navy, 2, in “Hidin’ From Biden” tops.

A fan took issue with clothing choice and commented, “If you thought Trump’s path for America was any better, you’re delusional!”

But Jason Aldean, who has stayed away from politics in the past, defended his wife and their political views.

“Watch ur mouth lady! We will teach our kids what we think is right and what we think is best for their future. If you think what is happening right now is ‘great’ for the future of our kids and grandkids, u are delusional!” he snapped back. “Definitely better than what we got now! Please tell me one thing that the current administration has done that is positive? Just 1!!!”

The backlash was swift.

But John Rich, an outspoken conservative, backed his buddy. In a reply to former President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Rich tweeted freedom of speech was more important than winning the approval of the “liberal music industry.”

Brittany Aldean doesn’t have any of her husband’s reluctance on talking about politics.

“Conservatives… it’s ok to speak up! Some people won’t like you, but MOST will,” she posted Thursday in an Instagram story.

John Rich Backs Carrie Underwood After Anti-Mask Backlash

An angry Twitter mob attacked Carrie Underwood recently after her account liked an anti-mask rant from a conservative podcaster. John Rich said he was tired of seeing artists belittled for their views.

“We’re at a point in this country where you can’t express your opinion, even in the slightest bit, without running the risk that they’re going to come at you with their razor blades at the ready to cut you up and tear you down just over your opinion,” Rich said in an interview with Taste of Country. “And so, there’s a real issue right now within the artists of country music and the audience of country music. They could not be further apart.”

Underwood hasn’t publically commented on the backlash or her views on masks. But John Rich said he defended her because up-and-coming artists are afraid to speak their minds for fear of online reprisal.

“I’m going to say what I mean and mean what I say and let the chips fall,” he states. “The industry doesn’t give a s–t about what happens to me anymore, but the audience out there is picking up on what I’m saying. There are new opportunities coming my way. I’m still going to write songs no matter what because that’s what I do. I may not make a bunch of money on them like I used to, but that’s okay. That’s the existence for me that I’m happy with right now.”