John Rich Has Funded Over 150 College Grants for Children and Spouses of Fallen Military Members

by Leanne Stahulak

Country star John Rich, of the music duo Big & Rich, did a good deed for the families of our American service members today.

Rich has made no secret of the fact that he wholeheartedly supports veterans and members of the military. He’s dedicated performances to them and police officers. He’s spent casual time with vets on shooting ranges. And he’s paid tribute to the fallen soldiers who gave their lives defending our country and freedom.

Now, John Rich has proved once again that he’s a true all-American. The country star owns his own whiskey brand, Redneck Riviera. And by selling whiskey and other products, he raised enough money to fund more than 150 college grants for the children or spouses of fall service members.

“I’m honored to announce that through sales and events of @RedneckRiviera products we have now funded over 150 college grants to kids/spouses of fallen or mortally wounded military service members through @FoldsofHonor,” Rich tweeted earlier today. “Thank YOU for helping us make a difference!”

The Folds of Honor Foundation works to provide support for the families of wounded or fallen service members through educational scholarships. Now, John Rich and Redneck Riviera have partnered up with the nonprofit. And they’ve provided another 150 family members with the opportunity to gain a higher education.

Redneck Riviera showcased their support for Folds of Honor earlier this month too. The brand’s Nashville branch featured a hallway dedicated to Folds of Honor on their Twitter page. “Some new art in one of the hallways supporting one of our favorite organizations!” the brand tweeted along with a picture of the artwork.

Folds of Honor quickly followed up the post. “Always grateful for your support!”

John Rich Likes to Make Interviews Personal on New Show

John Rich recently opened up to Outsider about his show, “The Pursuit!,” on Fox Business. On the show, Rich interviews different guests and tries to go deep with them about different topics.

One thing you won’t see Rich do? Ask them a basic question you could find out online.

“So I’ve been interviewed thousands and thousands of times in my life, and when you ask someone a question that you can find in five seconds on Wikipedia, that’s a wasted question,” Rich said. “When I sit down with these incredible people with these huge stories that they have, I want to ask them questions nobody’s ever asked them and dig down into places that they’re not used to going when they’re in an interview.”

Rich also opens up to his guests to make them more comfortable. Being honest with them about himself makes them be more honest to him.

“What winds up happening is you get really honest answers that are, you know, really personal to them,” said Rich. “I’ve definitely stepped into the personal space with the people that I interview because the story of pursuing happiness and everything you’ve gone through good or bad, it’s all very personal to the person who’s done it.”