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John Rich Says ‘God Bless Our Troops’ While Visiting Soldiers at Ft. Campbell

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

This time of year becomes especially difficult for military families and Unites States troops around the world overall. The winter months see a vast collection of various familial holidays and celebrations. Oftentimes, those celebrations are missing the faces of those deployed to protect our nation. Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, country artist John Rich, of Big & Rich, headed to Ft. Campbell to express his gratitude for U.S. troops everywhere.

The star’s Twitter post captured the artist with his arm slung around one U.S. service member. In his post, he writes, “Gave my thanks to the [101st Airborne Division] at Ft Campbell today! God bless our troops.” Rich concluded the statement with a patriotic American flag emoji.

Folks nationally took to the comments section of the post to thank both John Rich and our U.S. servicemembers. They highlighted both their patriotism and dedication to our country.

One fan wrote, “You’re a very nice man John and a real patriot.” Another commenter shared, “God bless you [John Rich] for the love you have for our soldiers, veterans, and this great country.”

Others commended the American service member standing alongside the country star. “[T]hanks to all soldiers for letting me and my family sleep sound at night.” Another follower to the post simply wrote, “Salutes to this soldier.”

So, as many Outsiders spent time at home with family during Thursday’s celebrations, we thank John Rich for reminding us of the sacrifices made by U.S. troops each holiday season.

John Rich: An Advocate for Military Members

As others referenced in the comments beneath John Rich’s Thanksgiving post, the country star embodies patriotism. He also frequently pays tribute to the sacrifices of American troops.

Late August saw the tragic deaths of 13 young American service members following a suicide bombing. After which, Rich again took the time to honor the fallen.

As numerous country artists do, John Rich owns and runs one of many bars in Country Music’s capital, Nashville. Following news of the suicide bombing, Outsiders across the country did what they could to tribute and memorialize the young, fallen soldiers.

Unsurprisingly, Rich was one of them. In a previous Twitter post, Rich shared a photo of a reserved sign in honor of the 13 service members. It read: “RESERVED: For the 13 who aren’t coming home.” In his caption, John Rich added, “My staff and I…send our deepest respect and gratitude to [the 13] who gave their lives in Afghanistan.”

This holiday season, we think back to those August losses and thank those service members deployed in efforts to protect Outsiders everywhere.