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John Rich Sends Heartfelt Message To Afghanistan Veterans: ‘We Love and Respect You’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Following President Biden’s decision to send American troops back over to Afghanistan in the midst of the growing Taliban takeover, United States citizens have shared their well-wishes for our soldiers on social media. Additionally, celebrities like country music’s John Rich keep in mind the Afghanistan veterans who assisted in settling the situation in the Middle Eastern country from the get-go.

Among those individuals is country singer John Rich, of the iconic duo Big & Rich. In a recent Twitter post, Rich shared his love and prayers for U.S. veterans. He specifically identified Afghan vets, and thanked them for their service, reminding them that they are loved and respected.

American Citizens Recognize the Sacrifice of Numerous Afghan Vets

Followers shared their sentiments on the post and the current political international situation. In parallel with Rich’s comment, “we love and respect you,” one follower wrote, “Millions of us do!!” Additionally, @JordanMaxon2, possibly one of those veterans, wrote, “I’m struggling with this[,] thank you for your support.”

Rich’s post comes on the heels of a USA Today article published on the 15th. The outlet highlighted the sentiments of Afghan vets and families. Overall, the 20-year war has led to the deaths of 2,300 American soldiers and injured 20,000 more. Rebekah Sanderlin, a U.S. army wife, said, “There are a lot of veterans who are grappling with: ‘Was it worth it? Were all of our sacrifices wasted?”

Sanderlin stated further that numerous American citizens are feeling conflicted following Biden’s decision to remove U.S. troops in the first place. Some feel the decision directly led to the current political situation.

John Rich Isn’t the Only Country Icon Recognizing Afghan Vets

Big & Rich’s John Rich is the most recent country icon sharing thoughts concerning the Afghan conflict and our vets. However, he’s by far not the only one.

An August 17th Twitter post saw similar sentiments from country icon Travis Tritt. The “Here’s a Quarter” singer also detailed the turmoil vets experienced as U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan. Tritt and Rich both recognized the U.S. soldiers who spent 20 years overseas. And both realized that those same vets watched their years-long efforts go up in smoke within a week.

Country artists like Tritt and John Rich often spend time dedicating music and events to American soldiers and veterans. So in times like this, those same celebrities share their voices and opinions on behalf of those unheard.

Uncertainty, anger, frustration, and fear currently run rampant among American soldiers, veterans, and civilians alike. However, know that Outsider has those same individuals on our minds and in our hearts as the Afghan situation unfolds.