John Rich Hits the Shooting Range with ‘4 Incredible Military Vets’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

At this point, John Rich is starting to be known less for his role in the country duo Big & Rich, and more for his spending time with members of the military service.

Okay, well maybe that first part isn’t entirely true. Fans of country music will always know and love John Rich for his role alongside Big Kenny in Big & Rich. He first joined up with Big Kenny back in 2002 to form the duo that we all recognize today. They were a hit right out of the gates, recording three studio albums in Horse of a Different Color, Comin’ to Your City, and Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace, in 2004, 2005, and 2007, respectively. Those albums led to ten singles on the country charts including one you most definitely remember. And that is the No. 1 hit “Lost in This Moment.”

But that’s enough of a trip down memory lane. We’re here to talk about John Rich and his passion for America’s heroes: the men and women who serve in the military. The country music star took to social media on Friday to post a clip of him at the shooting range with a group of U.S. veterans.

“Got some range time today with 4 incredible military vets,” Rich wrote alongside the clip. “Loved every second of it! I was the only regular civilian, but I held my own:) 200 yards…listen for the ‘plinks!’

Take a look at the clip for yourself down below:

John Rich Responds to Fans on Social Media

Not only is country star John Rich a man for veterans, but he is also a man of the people. He spent some time Friday evening replying to his fanbase on Twitter who had plenty of comments and questions after seeing his most recent video.

“They had some tapping a pan, didn’t they? Sounds like a hit,” one fan joked.

John Rich evidently found that response to be pretty funny. He replied saying, “Haha! Yea, had a guy downrange with a little hammer tapping that skillet!”

Meanwhile, another fan commented asking Rich a question. “How big were the targets at the 200?”

Rich responded by saying, “8-inch squares. Not a terribly hard target to hit, but I tried to hit it every 2 seconds..The guys I was shooting with were monster shots:) I was trying to keep up!

And finally, Rich made it a point to respond to one troll who criticized his passion for guns.

“I don’t understand how conservatives think worshipping guns, owning them, being seen handling them, using them, talking about them, showing them off, makes them tough, badass, or brave,” the user said. “It doesn’t. Instead, it looks like guns are extensions that make them look tough. Just be you!”

“I’ve been shooting since I was 5,” John Rich proudly replied. “We defend our families with the [gun], we hunt with them, and sometimes, like today, we shoot metal targets with fellow Americans and just be…well, Americans. I feel sorry for you.”