John Rich Is Making Interviews ‘Personal’ on ‘The Pursuit!’

by Jonathan Howard

Ahead of the premiere of his show, The Pursuit!, on Fox Business on September 22, John Rich sat down for a chat with Outsider. Since he started his show on Fox Nation in February 2020, Rich has learned what it is like on the other side of an interview. To be the one asking questions has given him a chance to reinvent himself.

As one-half of the country duo Big & Rich, John has a wealth of experience as the interviewee. Now that he is the interviewer, he’s hoping he has a better idea of what people want—or need—to be asked.

“So I’ve been interviewed thousands and thousands of times in my life, and when you ask someone a question that you can find in five seconds on Wikipedia, that’s a wasted question,” says John Rich to Outsider. “When I sit down with these incredible people with these huge stories that they have, I want to ask them questions nobody’s ever asked them and dig down into places that they’re not used to going when they’re in an interview.”

When Rich interviews a guest, he sets out to bring the same quality work from an interviewer’s standpoint that Barbara Walters did in her career. He has called himself Bubba Walters in the past, as a play on the legendary broadcaster’s name.

John Rich Hopes to Put ‘Meaning Behind Every Question’

Part of the strategy for John Rich is getting quality answers from the people he speaks to. Every question asked should be given careful thought. He also isn’t shy about living up to the standards that the legendary Barbara Walters set. His intent on emulating her reflects itself in the way he asks his questions.

“So I try to make sure that when I start asking those questions that there is a meaning behind every question that I’m asking,” Rich said. “You talk about Barbara Walters you know when Barbara Walters would give a profile interview on Johnny Carson, or Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball…she would ask them questions that pretty much nobody had ever asked. They would always get asked the regular questions about being an entertainer, or their television show, or whatever they’re doing.”

Rich likes to be personal with his guests. That is how he gets the most honest answers from the folks on his show.

“What winds up happening is you get really honest answers that are, you know, really personal to them,” said Rich. “I’ve definitely stepped into the personal space with the people that I interview because the story of pursuing happiness and everything you’ve gone through good or bad, it’s all very personal to the person who’s done it.”

The Pursuit! debuted on Fox Business with guest Gavin DeGraw on September 22. He sat down with the Big & Rich star to discuss the music business and life. There are a number of guests slated for this season. Musicians, entrepreneurs, and folks from all walks of life. All of it is centered on work ethic and the passion to pursue their version of the American Dream.