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John Rich Reminds Folks What Charlie Daniels Had to Say About ‘Police’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Country music star John Rich took a moment on Monday to remind everyone out there what the legendary Charline Daniels’ thoughts were on defunding the police.

Rich sat down with the legendary fiddle player himself last year, just three weeks before he died at the age of 83. It turned out to be Daniels’ last ever interview. The two music icons talked about a number of topics, but one of the hot ones at the time was the issue of defunding the police. As many of his fans probably know, Daniels always held with him a deep sense of patriotism. So this particular idea never sat very well with him.

To remind everyone exactly how Daniels felt, John Rich took to social media on Monday evening to post a clip from their sit down.

“Go on a little test run,” Daniels can be heard saying in the video. “Give your police departments, let them be off for two weeks. Go to Miami — wait, don’t go to Miami — go to Knoxville.”

“Go to Dollywood!” Rich chimes in.

If you were a fan of Charlie Daniels, then you knew that his love for the United States was unmatched. Not only that, but he was always aware of our troops and had such a great appreciation for them and local law enforcement. He cared deeply for our police officers, our first responders, and everyone in the military.

“There ya go,” Daniels agreed. “But give them [two weeks off] and see what happens. See if you want the police gone or not. That’s past the point of silly that’s stupid.”

Rich ends the clip himself by saying, “They would not like the results.” Take a look down below:

“Wanna hear what @CharlieDaniels had to say about people who want to defund the police? #BackTheBlue”

Fans on Twitter React to John Rich Interview with Charlie Daniels

Because the idea of defunding the police is such a controversial topic, there are always people on both sides of the idea. And that was the case yet again on Monday and Tuesday. Country music fans who follow John Rich on Twitter haven’t been shy in expressing their thoughts on Charlie Daniels and his stance on law enforcement.

“Oh! I watched this and Charlie was VERY clear on how he felt,” one fan commented. “Not only on defunding the police but EVERYTHING!! He was never afraid to offer his opinion or views on anything.”

“Not really,” another person replied. “He has an opinion, sure. He’s entitled to that. He has very few qualifications that might give his opinion any value or weight in this subject. If he wants to weigh in on what it takes to have a single crossover hit song, I’m listening.”