John Rich Reminisces on Time Spent with Charlie Daniels, ‘Talking About Country Music, Horses, and America’

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (August 14th), country singer John Rich took a stroll down memory lane and posted a snapshot of him enjoying some quality time with the late music legend Charlie Daniels. 

“Thinking back on the last time I spent an afternoon with ⁦@CharlieDaniels⁩ talking about country music, horses, and America. #WhatWouldCharlieDanielsSay if he were with us right now?” Rich tweets.

Rich also encourages his social media followers to make #GodBlessCharlieDaniels trend. Rich’s post comes just days after Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, declared August 18th to be “Charlie Daniels Day.” Daniels, who passed away in July 2020 at the age of 83 after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, will be honored next week in downtown Nashville during Volunteer Jam. The event will feature various artists, including Daniel’s self-titled band, Big & Rich, Chris Young, and Rhett Akins. 

John Rich Talks About Conducting Last Interview with Charlie Daniels Prior to His Death 

Just days after Charlie Daniels passed away last year, John Rich spoke to Fox and Friends about conducting the last interview that the country legend did prior to death for his talk show The Pursuit! With John Rich. “As we would say in the country, ‘he was firing on all eight cylinders.’ He was happy and pumped and excited,” Rich states. 

John Rich then stated that he asked Daniels questions about being born in Wilmington, North Carolina during World War II and his music career. “It was a pretty in-depth encapsulating interview and what a loss it is to lose Charlie Daniels,” Rich proclaimed.

The Big & Rich bandmate also says he was glad that he and his were able to do this interview so that Americans would be able to watch and hear from Daniels directly. John also reported that Daniels cared very much for the police, as well as first responders and military. “His fans too. He had 100 bookings to play this year at 83-years-old. That’s amazing.”

John Rich then said that Daniels had a strong faith in God. “Charlie Daniels was one of the most famous people in the world, one of the most successful poplin the world,” Rich comments. “For a guy like that to humble himself. Admit if [he] didn’t have God in [his] life. There’s no telling where [he] would be.”That’s a great statement for not only him. That’s a true statement for all of us.”

Just after the news broke about Daniels’ death, John Rich issued a statement declaring that Daniels showed the rest of the world what it means to be a great human being. He found redemption, then lived a life devoted to serving God, his family, and fellow countrymen. He was much more than music.”

Rich further described Daniels as kind and strong. He also says that Daniels had a powerful soul that will be sorely missed. “But no doubt [he] has received eternal glory in heaven. We will always love and miss him forever. God bless you, Mr. Charlie.”