John Rich Takes Fans on a Tour of Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis

by TK Sanders

Country music singer John Rich recently took a tour of Graceland in Memphis ahead of the premiere of the new movie, Elvis, in theaters this weekend. Rich took an extended tour for Fox News, but posted a short supercut of his visit onto his own Twitter profile.

In the two-minute clip, Rich is wearing his customary black cowboy hat and blazer before getting a special tour of the famed Elvis Presley property.

“Hey friends, John Rich here, just pulled up into Memphis, Tenn., at Graceland,” Rich began the video. “I’ve been a lot of cool places but I’ve never been to Graceland. I got asked by Fox News to come here today and do an official tour and show you guys all the cool stuff inside. I’m pretty pumped myself, it’s going to be great.”

Rich’s first stop in the video was a display case for The King’s black leather body suit during his 1968 special.

“You know he was sweating in that,” Rich says off-camera. “Absolutely incredible.”

His second stop was a display case holding Elvis’ military uniform and foot locker.

“Wow, Elvis’ uniform, one of them,” Rich says off camera again. “And I just learned when they got their military patches, they had to sew them on themselves. So Elvis actually sewed that patch on. God bless you Elvis, thanks for serving our country. You’re a patriot.”

John Rich seemed to genuinely enjoy his time touring Graceland

In the final clip of the short video, Rich visits the Jungle Room — the famed green lounge room in Graceland where Elvis liked to relax, entertain, and occasionally sing.

“This is the world-famous Jungle Room,” he said. “Got the green carpet and curtains; green carpet on the floor and ceiling. Wow. And under this green light, he would stand and sing. Holy cow, everybody’s got to come see this. Unbelievable.”

Rich then signed off by thanking all the “fine folks” at Graceland for touring him through the property. “God bless Elvins, thank you momma,” Rich said in his best Elvis voice.

Ahead of his new Elvis biopic, director Baz Luhrmann spoke to his own quest for authenticity when researching the film.

“This isn’t like something I read in a book,” Luhrmann said, referencing all of the great memorabilia and lore that still exists surrounding The King. “He was always searching. As long as he was moving forward and searching, he was alive.”

Priscilla Presley also took to Instagram to speak fondly of the movie, which she saw at Cannes in late May.

“Baz Luhrmann’s Film, Elvis received a [12-minute] standing ovation,” she wrote on social media. “There was not an empty seat in the large theatre including the balcony. From my understanding, it was the longest ovation ever received for a film. Actor Austin Butler’s performance as Elvis was mesmerizing.”