Johnny Cash Estate Shares Heartwarming Video of ‘Sunday Morning Comin’ Down’ Performance in Denmark

by Jon D. B.

While the estate only shares a glimpse of Johnny Cash‘s brilliant 1971 performance, we’ve got his entire rendition of “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down” right here.

It’s as an enticing clip of The Man in Black as there ever was. One of his best laid-back hits, watch as Cash croons “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down” for Live in Denmark, 1971. The first clip comes courtesy of the Johnny Cash Estate’s official Twitter account:

“Watch Johnny Cash’s full performance of “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down” from Live in Denmark 1971 and more on the official Johnny Cash YouTube channel,” his estate captions of the icon. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

View the entirety of this rendition below the tweet, alongside full details on his legendary Live in Denmark performance.

Johnny Cash: Live in Denmark, 1971

Available now as both a film series on his estate’s YouTube and long a highly successful album, Cash’s “Man In Black: Live In Denmark 1971” is one of many live masterpieces from the legend.

For this one in particular, Cash brought out all the stops. In his official website‘s words, the landmark special “spotlights the great singer-songwriter and his road company before an audience that delights in the country, rockabilly, American roots music, and spirituals that comprise the evening’s repertoire.”

With his “airtight”band, the Tennessee Three, backing him up, “Live In Denmark” brings Johnny Cash’s classic sound in full force. In addition, June Carter Cash joins her husband for three duets, including their staple “If I Were A Carpenter.”

His mother-in-law and “matriarch of the First Family of Country Music,” Mother Maybelle Carter, is on hand, too. And no Carter family event would be complete without the full Carter Sisters. Anita and Helen would join for the spectacle, as well.

Carl Perkins, legendary writer of “Blue Suede Shoes,” would also join Cash for “Live In Denmark.” In short: it’s a Man in Black performance for the ages.

“Sunday Morning Comin’ Down”

Interestingly, the first person to record this future Cash staple was Ray Stevens in 1969. Originally written by Cash’s longtime friend and collaborator, Kris Kristofferson, “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down” would become a hit through several of Johnny’s live performances.

First, Cash would record the song as a part of his “The Johnny Cash Show” for the “Ride This Train” segment at Nashville’s Mother Church of Country, the Ryman Auditorium. From this exposure onward, the slow-walking song would become a Cash smash. It reached number one on the Billboard US charts for the first time with Johnny.

A staple ever since, his 1971 “Live In Denmark” performance goes down in history as one of his finest renditions. Kristofferson and Cash would perform the song together several times afterward.