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Johnny Cash Estate Looks Back at Epic Moment the Man in Black Sang with Bob Dylan: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by George Wilkes/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

What’s that Outsiders? You need some easy listening with two of America’s greatest singers? Well, we’ve got a Johnny Cash/Bob Dylan video for you. It is just what you need to soothe those Monday blues after a long day.

The Cash estate still operates a Twitter account posting old photos and videos at times. The latest was a little duet of Girl From the North Country. This is a song that Dylan wrote, but both artists recorded in their careers. Together it is just a combination of two iconic voices that gets right to the heart and soul of any music fan. So, check out the video below.

The song was written by Bob Dylan back in 1963 and was on his second studio album. Then six years later, he joined up with Johnny Cash to record a duet with the Man in Black. Since the song originally came out, there have been so many covers and renditions performed by countless artists. This snippet is likely from around the time Dylan and Cash got together in 1969.

My favorite part about the video has to be the fact that Dylan is still so young. Although the two are just 9 years apart, Cash almost looks like an elder playing next to a college student. The entire thing is just perfect.

There are not many pairs of singer-songwriters that have had the influence and impact that Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan have had on music in this country. Over the years he did so many performances, recordings, and hung out with the best in country music and outside of the genre as well. When you think of all of the artists and the people in general that were influenced by Cash it is a large and endless list.

Johnny Cash Fishing Lures Shortlived

One of Johnny Cash’s real good friends in life was Johnny Horton. Not only were both men accomplished singers, but they were also pretty good anglers in their own right. Especially Horton, known as the Singing Fisherman. Over the years, the two grew to be close friends. Their excursions on lakes, ponds, and other fishing holes brought them together. In fact, they went into business with one another.

In 1959, Horton started the Cane River Bait Company of Natchitoches, LA. Cash helped quietly behind the scenes. During the short-lived years of the company, there were three lures produced. The Ole Fire Ball Sinker, Ole Fire Ball Surface, and the Galloping A. It was short-lived due to Horton passing away in 1961 after an accident.

It was said that Johnny Cash locked himself up in a hotel barroom and wept for his friend when he heard of his passing. He also spoke at his funeral. Now, those Cash-Horton lures are hard to come by. A real collector’s item.