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Johnny Cash’s Estate To Release Full 1973 Concert Performance of ‘A Night To Remember’ from Ahmanson Theater

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gai Terrell/Redferns via Getty Images)

Johnny Cash is an icon. He died almost two decades ago. However, his impact on the music world has not diminished. In fact, his influence throughout country, folk, and even rock and roll is still palpable. So, it stands to reason that Cash has fans all over the world. People from just about every walk of life can turn on the Man in Black’s music and feel it in their souls.

His estate is taking notice of all of those people who still buy, stream, and enjoy Johnny Cash albums and songs. However, they aren’t just writing heartfelt posts or sharing rare photos. Instead, they are releasing a full live show from 1973. Check out the tweet below, then we’ll get into some details.

To celebrate one million subscribers on the official Johnny Cash YouTube channel, his estate is releasing a complete concert video. If you follow the link in the tweet, you’ll find the coolest part about this announcement. They aren’t releasing the concert footage on DVD or Blu-ray. Nor will it be available on a premium video-on-demand platform. Nope. There’s no paywall for this legendary performance. All you have to do is wait. At the time of writing, the concert footage goes live in just over 22 hours. Then, you’ll be able to see the 42+ minute video for free on Johnny Cash’s YouTube channel.

What To Expect From The Johnny Cash Night to Remember Performance

The Night to Remember performance has seen the light of day a few times in the past. In fact, PBS aired the footage late last year. Third Man Records also released Johnny Cash’s killer performance at the Ahmanson last summer. That release consisted of a double LP as well as a DVD. So, we have a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming release.

The fact that some fans have seen the footage doesn’t make it any less electrifying. This is Johnny Cash at his prime, after all. The show includes some of the Man in Black’s biggest songs.

The setlist kicks off with “Big River,” and goes into the Kristofferson-penned “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” Then, the fan-favorites just keep coming. The performance also includes, “A Boy Named Sue,” a medley of train songs, and, of course, “Folsom Prison Blues.”

It doesn’t stop there, though. Near the end of the set, we get to see Johnny Cash perform “Jackson,” with June Carter-Cash. Watching Johnny and June perform together is always a treat. So, this might be the highlight of the show for some viewers.

Don’t sleep on the chance to catch this monumental performance for free, though. It won’t be up forever. According to the official Johnny Cash website, it is a special event. They are celebrating the channel hitting the one million subscriber mark as well as Memorial Day. So, the event goes live Friday, May 28, and will be available through the holiday weekend.