Johnny Cash Estate Shares Handwritten Lyrics of ‘Gold All Over the Ground’ Recorded by Brad Paisley

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Over his many decades-long career, Johnny Cash was a prolific songwriter. He kept writing and also recording music all the way up to his death in 2003.

Recently, Cash’s estate shared handwritten lyrics for the song “Gold All Over the Ground,” which date back to 1967. Additionally, artist Brad Paisley used the lyrics to record the song in 2018. Cash’s estate included the song on the 2018 album “Forever Words,” which also featured various artists taking on Cash’s work.

“Take a look at the original handwritten lyrics of “Gold All Over the Ground” by Johnny Cash, which was recorded by @BradPaisley for “Forever Words.” Listen to the song now and stay tuned for more Forever Words releases this month!”

Brad Paisley Records ‘Gold All Over the Ground’

When Cash first wrote the lyrics, the singer wasn’t in a good place. He was struggling with drug addiction and also going through a divorce from his first wife Vivian. But his love for future wife June Carter was a bright spot in his life. According to Cash’s son, Cash wrote the lyrics about his love for her.

“His son, John Carter Cash, is a good friend of mine. And [he] decided to dig up some old songs that were unfinished by his father,” Paisley said according to Song Facts. “He brought one to me that was just a lyric and wasn’t really in song form. And he said, ‘If you want to finish this and turn it into a song, I think Dad would approve.'”

Cash’s estate included the lyrics along with 40 of Cash’s other poems and written works into the 2016 “Forever Words: The Unknown Poems.”

Cash’s son reflected on Paisley creating the song’s melody in one sitting as Carter Cash recorded it on his phone.

“He said, ‘hit record’ and the song and melody that came spontaneously out is word and melody what the final recorded version of ‘Gold All Over the Ground’ became,” Carter Cash wrote. “So, Brad had a spontaneous moment of connection, honestly with my father. The lyrics were strong and beautiful, and they commanded Brad’s creative process immediately.”