Johnny Cash Estate Shares Sweet Photo in Remembrance of Jack Cash’s Passing in 1944

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images

Today, the Johnny Cash estate shared an old childhood picture of legendary artist Johnny Cash alongside his beloved brother, Jack Cash.

Jack Cash sadly passed away in May of 1944. The two were exceptionally close.

Johnny Cash was born in Arkansas and started out rather poor. He was the fourth out of seven other children in the family. The Cash family grew up during the Great Depression. While Johnny Cash went on to great success, as children they all helped out in the fields with their parents.

Jack Cash was Johnny’s older brother. He was known for his spiritual side, which led many to believe he may have become a minister or something else.

Jack landed a job at the local high school in town. One day he was cutting up pieces of oak to make into fence posts. The table saw he was using had somehow malfunctioned and he was pulled into it and nearly cut into two. The wounds he suffered on his midsection were made worse when he crawled across the dirty floor looking for help.

He passed away a week later and was buried in Kingsland, Arkansas. According to, Johnny Cash went early to help dig the grave for his brother. After the accident, many reports claim that Johnny Cash had a pretty profound personality change. Instead of being a jokester and energetic, Cash became more introspective and quiet. He started to write stories and spend more time alone. His brother also made a comment about seeing angels when he was about to pass away, which is something that deeply impacted Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash’s Younger Brother

Although he lost his older brother as a 12-year-old, his youngest brother, Tommy, is still alive.

For a bit, Tommy Cash was taking after his older brother, the “Man in Black,” and pursued country music. One of his songs, “Six White Horses,” reached No. 4 on the Billboard country charts in 1969. The song is a tribute to John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy, all of which had suffered tragic deaths.

He then had a series of other songs come out throughout the 1970s. Although he never quite reached the level of fame as his older Cash brother, he still had that same passion for music. Some of his other songs include “One Song Away” and “Rise and Shine.” He would often perform alongside his brother and even recorded “My Brother Johnny Cash” as a tribute song for his 2008 album.

Now, Tommy Cash is working as a licensed Tennessee realtor but continues to tour and manage his brother’s lasting legacy. He was the one who sold Johnny and June Carter Cash’s Hendersonville, Tennessee compound.