Johnny Cash Estate Wishes Daughter Tara Cash a Happy Birthday in Throwback Photo with Her Dad

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum)

Although it has been almost two decades since Johnny Cash passed, his estate is keeping his memory alive. His daughter Tara Cash celebrated her birthday. Of course, the estate put out a birthday message to celebrate the occasion.

Back when Johnny Cash was married to Vivian Liberto, his first wife, they had four children together. Of course, everyone knows Rosanne and Cindy for their careers in music. But Tara, the youngest child from Cash’s first marriage, went on to work in movies and film. While she did some acting, a lot of her work was done as a costume designer.

Tara worked on Tennessee Waltz, Nashville Beat, as well as other projects. Born August 24, 1961, in Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly after she was born the family moved to Casitas Springs, California where her father got into trouble with the law more than a few times. During this time his drinking and drug use ramped up and Vivian had had enough.

It would be just five years later in 1966 when Johnny Cash and Vivian parted ways and divorced. While there were many reasons given for the separation, public scrutiny, as well as Cash’s touring and other relationships, ultimately doomed the marriage. It wouldn’t be long until Cash proposed to June Carter and the rest is history after that. Tara and her sisters were raised by their mother.

Johnny Cash: ‘A Boy Named Sue’ is 52

Throughout the 1950s and 60s, Johnny Cash wrote and recorded many songs that would become hits. He became the Man in Black through his songs about heartbreak and struggle. Seen as a man of the people, he performed free concerts famously at Folsom Prison and San Quentin.

However, one of the lasting songs of Cash’s career has to be A Boy Named Sue. The song wasn’t a working-class song or one about drugs and cheating. It was a novelty song written by Shel Silverstein. The song came out in 1969 the same year he performed at San Quentin. It had massive cross-over appeal. The song took the top spot on the country charts and charted at number two on the pop charts.

The song follows the story of a boy left by his father at an early age. He grew up having to fight his whole life because that deadbeat dad of his named him Sue. Of course, with such a hard upbringing, Sue ends up being a rough and tough cowboy of sorts. He waited for the day he would see his father and kill him for naming him, Sue. After fighting at a saloon with the man he spent his life looking for, the two reconciled. It’s a great song that I’ve personally enjoyed since I was young. There isn’t a Johnny Cash fan that doesn’t enjoy the song.