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Johnny Cash’s Handwritten Note Teaches Us to Prioritize the Important Things in Life

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

If you’re going to be successful in life, you have to have your priorities in order. If you need an example of that, look no further than Johnny Cash. Over the years, he wrote himself several notes to make sure he continued to walk the line.

There are a few examples of the Man in Black‘s notes to himself floating around the internet. One of those is a to-do list. That list lays out the important things he needed to do on a given day.

First, he reminded himself to not smoke. If you’ve ever tried to kick the cancer sticks, you know that’s an important reminder. Next, he wrote, “kiss June.” Doesn’t seem like he’d need a reminder for that one. However, it’s always important to cover your bases. The next entry might be more important, he reminded himself to, “not kiss anyone else,” solid advice. Johnny Cash had a bit of an issue with monogamy in his younger days. So, that seems like a good reminder.

The next few reminders are ones that only the busiest people need. “Cough, pee, and eat,” fill up the next few slots. All solid reminders if a little less important. Then, he reminds himself to “not eat too much,” that’s one to keep in your back pocket.

The final three entries on Johnny Cash’s to-do list give a little insight into his mindset. “Worry, go see Mama, and practice piano.” You’ve got to be really busy to forget to worry about things. That’s just the kind of guy Cash was, though. However, no one should ever be too busy to take time out for their mother. That’s the real big one.

Other Notes by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was never one to shy away from sorrow. You can hear it in a number of his songs. He was a man who met sadness head-on. On his website, there is a note dated July 11, 2003, that is just plain heartbreaking. June Carter Cash passed on May 15, 2003. So, the note was written less than two months after her passing. It reads, “I love June Carter, I do. Yes, I do. I love June Carter. I do. And she loves me. But now she’s an angel and I’m not. Now she’s an angel and I’m not.” Around two months later, Johnny Cash was reunited with his beloved wife when he was called Home on September 12.

On that same site, you can find some of Johnny Cash’s handwritten Bible study notes. You can also see a handwritten note from Johnny to June that calls their love “hotter than a pepper sprout,” which is probably the sweetest thing I’ve read all week. It’s also a lyric from the couple’s duet in “Jackson.”

From to-do lists to notes scrawled in mourning, these tidbits give us an insight into the real Johnny Cash. It also reinforces the fact that Johnny and June are absolutely relationship goals.