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Johnny Cash & Loretta Lynn Show Off Comedy Skills in Hilarious ‘Hee Haw’ Skit: Video

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

During a 10th anniversary special of the variety series, “Hee Haw,” some of country music’s greats came together for a sing-along of a lifetime. In a re-surfaced clip, legends like Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash showed fans a different side to themselves when they made appearances on the special. Loretta Lynn was even the first guest star on the show and made more than 24 guest appearances.

She also co-hosted the show more than any other person. Tammy Wynette was second with 21 guest appearances. Wynette even married George Richey, the musical director for the show, in 1970. The video shows an array of country artists humorously riffing back and forth with each other, seeing who can get the other to “break” first.

Johnny Cash Shows Light-Hearted Side During ‘Hee Haw’ Special

Toward the end of the clip, Johnny Cash rocks overalls but, of course, he’s not without a black shirt. He and the “Hee Haw” host, Archie Campbell, begin singing together. As Cash uses his baritone voice for the solo, the audience can see Campbell’s eyes get as big as saucers. Then, out of nowhere, a pie appears and Cash throws it in Campbell’s face. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true “Hee Haw” skit without the hilarious banter and laugh-out-loud jokes for 26 seasons. In addition, the show also gave audiences a chance to see some of their country artists in a different light.

Fans knew beloved castmember, Archie Campbell, for singing his original segment, “Pfft You Were Gone.” Decked out in his usual farmer’s hat and overalls, he spent years entertaining audiences with his quirky talent and humor. During the anniversary special, Campbell explained the segment.

“After a few years, we decided to bring in our guests and have a little fun with ‘Pfft You Were Gone’ too. We have a film clip of some of the stars who have appeared with us and some of ’em are gonna really surprise you. So, you watch closely. “Before Lynn and Cash stole the show, the late Charley Pride also made an appearance. You can see him dressed to the nines in his hillbilly ensemble as he delivers some twangy harmonies alongside Campbell.