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Johnny Cash’s Son Explains How Loretta Lynn Has Been Able to Further Her Career Unlike Any Other Because ‘She’s a Powerful Woman’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Loretta Lynn has been a mainstay on the country music scene since the 1960s. The famous singer and songwriter is a survivor and remains a respected performer to this very day. So, what has contributed to her successful career?

According to a man who knows what it takes to make it in country music, it is Lynn’s inner strength and tenacity that she has by virtue of being a woman that paved the way for her success. That man is John Carter Cash, the son of country music icons Johnny Cash and June Carter.

John Carter Cash recently talked about Loretta Lynn’s success and staying power with TasteofCountry.com.

“I believe masculine nature would not survive in the same aspect,” he reportedly said. “Loretta has been able to endure and proceed as she has because she’s a powerful woman.”

In the years he has had the privilege to know Loretta Lynn and to work with her, John Carter Cash has grown to truly admire her. And, who can blame him?

“I have such great respect for Loretta as a mother figure, as a co-worker, as a genius, as someone who has persistence, strength, integrity, that continues on no matter what,” John Carter Cash also said.

Johnny Cash’s Son Co-Produces Loretta Lynn’s Latest Album, ‘Still Woman Enough’

It should come as no surprise that John Carter Cash would help Loretta Lynn create an album that celebrates her strength, and the strength of women in country music. That album is “Still Woman Enough” and it was officially released today (Friday, March 19).

The album’s title track is a celebration of what women can do and how they are able to survive. It is a collaboration between Lynn and fellow country music stars Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood.

Here are a few of the song’s lyrics: “Well, I’ve been through some bad times / Been at the bottom, been at the top / I’ve seen life from both sides / It’s what you make with what you got / There’s been times life’s got me down / I pick myself up and bounce right back around / I wasn’t raised to give up / And to this day you know what / I’m still woman enough …”

Serving as the other producer on “Still Woman Enough” was Loretta Lynn’s daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell. Unsurprisingly, she also admires her famous mother. And, according to TasteofCountry.com, Patsy began to admire what her mother does one night during a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I was thinking, ‘My mother’s music invoked that emotion, and all of these people are here to see her,'” Russell said. “And all of a sudden, it dawned on me … My attitude changed on it, too – I was like, ‘This is bada**!’

Flash forward to 2021 and Loretta Lynn is definitely still a bada**. That is very clear on her new “Still Woman Enough” album. And, that makes country music fans very, very lucky.