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Johnny Cash’s Son Reveals He Stepped Up His Recording Efforts In Final Days

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

As the final days of legendary singer, Johnny Cash, came to an end, the musician not only continued his performing and singing but he actually ramped up his efforts.

According to Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, the Man in Black showed great resiliency and strength as his life came to an end. Cash persevered after the loss of his wife, June. He continued to fight even as he faced his own inevitable death. The country legend fought respiratory failure which was brought on by him being diabetic.

Cash’s son told Express.co.uk that the music icon was naturally devastated by the loss of his wife. She had passed away on May 13, 2003, following complications from heart surgery.

Just a couple of months later, Cash would perform publicly for the last time. Before singing his most famous song, Ring of Fire, he read a statement to the audience.

“The spirit of June Carter overshadows me tonight with the love she had for me and the love I have for her,” the 71-year-old said. “We connect somewhere between here and Heaven. She came down for a short visit, I guess, from Heaven to visit with me tonight to give me courage and inspiration like she always has. She’s never been one for me except courage and inspiration. I thank God for June Carter. I love her with all my heart.”

Cash passed away only a couple months after that performance.

Johnny Cash Quadrupled His Singing Efforts in His Final Days

Cash was confined to a wheelchair during his final days. Despite that, his son says he showed incredible strength and continued to record what would become his posthumous releases in “American IV” and V.

Cash’s son says it was around this time that his father actually quadrupled his performing endeavors.

“In the face of his life’s greatest struggle, the face of his infirmities taking over and his inevitable death on the way, Dad didn’t only continue his creative endeavors of performing and singing but he actually quadrupled his efforts,” says Carter Cash.

Carter Cash called his father a good man who carried on despite the odds he was facing.

“Even though he would have pneumonia, be able to barely breathe and three weeks later he was in the studio making music,” he said.

Carter Cash says that “American IV” and “V” were recorded after his mother June had passed. He recalled the sadness, strength, and beauty that can be heard in the final albums from Johnny Cash.

“What’s amazing is you hear the frailty in his voice, you hear the sadness in his tone, you hear the loss that he struggled through,” Carter Cash says. “But if you listen more carefully you’ll hear the undeniable strength and beauty that is underneath it all; that is supporting him and carrying him on.”