Johnny Cash’s Son Says Loretta Lynn’s New Album Has the ‘Same Soul and Strength’ as Her 1960s Hits

by Keeli Parkey

According to John Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn’s new album is one her fans should not miss. And, it will remind them of some of her hit songs from the 1960s.

You can trust him. After all, the son of country music legends Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash knows great music when he hears it.

Titled “Still Woman Enough,” Loretta Lynn’s new album is widely available as of today (Friday, March 19). The album is a celebration of Lynn’s career and of women in country music. So, several powerful female performers were invited to sing on the album. These included Reba McEntire, Tanya Tucker, Carrie Underwood, and Margo Price.

John Carter Cash served as a co-producer on “Still Woman Enough.” The album’s other producer was one of Loretta Lynn’s daughters, Patsy Lynn Russell.

While working with the country music icon on the album, it became clear to Carter Cash that it was going to be something special and something that evoked Lynn’s work from early in her career.

“She has spitfire energy, and just the same soul and strength and talent in so many ways that she did in the 1960s … The energy and the vocals, it’s familiar,” Carter Cash said, according to “”… (My father) flourished, and, you know, I’ve seen Loretta do the same thing. To see that continuance that gives me the strength to hope for the future; it also gives me inspiration while I’m working with them … We’re all gonna get (old), and, my God, I hope I’m like my dad and Loretta and my mother. That would be a dream.”

Patsy Lynn Russell has also reflected on what her mother means to country music. She has also talked about the need she feels to keep such a legacy alive.

“I feel a great responsibility to ensure my mother’s legacy; I use that word a lot, but it’s just the truth,” Russell told “The music of artists like Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, Charley Pride and others would be lost unless their recordings are kept intact and in-print for discovery and appreciation by future generations. I feel it’s my job to make sure my mom’s musical legacy never gets lost.”

Judging by her new album, Loretta Lynn’s legacy is alive and well. And, the world of country music is better off because of it.

According to, Lynn recorded “Still Woman Enough” in Hendersonville, Tennessee, at the Cash Cabin Studio. The album features the title song, as well as a recited version of Lynn’s classic song “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” You can watch the video for this new version of the song below.

Watch Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood Talk About Loretta Lynn’s ‘Still Woman Enough’

Check a video about the making of “Still Woman Enough” below. It features Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood. The three singers collaborate on the album’s title song.

In the video, McEntire refers to the song as “an anthem women need to carry forever.” She also says Lynn has inspired her throughout her life.

“I love her,” an emotional McEntire says. “She is the most special thing country music, I think, has every had. And, I mean that with all my heart.”

Underwood says that female artists like Loretta Lynn are “so important.”

“We grew up watching them and believing that was possible for us,” Underwood adds. “We got to see the diamond age of women in country music with Loretta …”