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Johnny Cash: Take a Tour of His Hideaway Cabin in Rural Tennessee

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images

Johnny Cash’s main home was in Hendersonville, Tennessee. He and June Carter Cash lived in the multi-million dollar home for more than 35 years.

While the couple wasn’t on their 4.6 acres of land, Cash liked to hideaway at a cabin he owned in rural Tennessee. Take a look at the property and some of the memorabilia the cabin is filled with.

Johnny Cash Cabin Hideaway

The cabin and 107-acre property in question is located in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. Brian and Sally Oxley now own the home. The farm had been owned by Johnny Cash for about 32 years. The couple bought it for $895,000 in 2015 after it had been left abandoned since Cash’s death in 2003.

It is an 1837 log cabin home. Johnny Cash had obtained the property by unfortunate circumstances. He found out that his bookkeeper was using his money to buy properties in his own name.

When Cash found out, he sold all the other properties. However, he decided to keep this log cabin in rural Tennessee. In a YouTube video, Sally explains that Cash had gone to the second floor and jumped a couple of times.

He came down and simply said, “This one’s not for sale.”

There are countless Cash artifacts in the home, from old boots to outfits to music. There are also a number of stories that reflect Cash’s time at the cabin. He would sit and eat walnuts and peanuts in the main room. A number of artists, such as Garth Brooks, had signed a part of the wall in the house.

Cindy Cash had spent time here with her father as well. According to the video, she had learned to shoot guns out in the acres of land around the cabin. One day Johnny Cash asked if she wanted to practice, but it was pitch-black outside. Instead, the two had a contest to see who could shoot the straightest line into the wall. Apparently, it was Cindy that won.

On the walls are different Johnny Cash-related art pieces or album covers as well as authentic memorabilia. There are handwritten letters, song lyrics to famous tunes like “Saturday Night in Hickman County,” and several guitars. For fans of Cash, walking through this building would be a life-changing experience. It is now the Storytellers Museum.

“For me in ’72, it was love at first sight … a place that moved into my heart immediately, a place I knew I could belong. This is a great place for pottering. I can cook my own food, read my own books, tend my own garden, wander my own land. I can think, write, compose, study, rest and reflect in peace,” Cash wrote in his autobiography, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Cash’s Other Property Sold

Cash spent most of his life in the lakefront property alongside June Carter Cash in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

According to AP News, this 4.5-acre property sold in 2020 for $3.2 million. The local couple that bought the property is looking to build a home on the property and eventually live there. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees originally purchased the house. However, a massive fire destroyed the house in 2007 in the midst of renovations.

Cash had made a lot of history in that home. Most notably, scenes from his music video “Hurt” were filmed near his house. And, not to mention, Kris Kristofferson also landed a helicopter on his property to pitch a song idea to Johnny Cash.