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Johnny Cash Wishes Fans Happy Father’s Day with Adorable Family Photo

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Robin Platzer/Getty Images)

Johnny Cash’s estate celebrates Father’s Day with a photo that gives Twitter followers the warm-and-fuzzies. A young and dapper Cash sits on a bench with four of his children, Roseanne, Kathleen, Cindy and Tara.

The photo presumably occurred before Cash had his youngest and only son, John, in 1968. The Cash daughters all appear to be spitting images of their country legend father. They all share the same brown hair, blunt bangs and soulful eyes.

Along with the photo, the account of the late music star wished followers “Happy Father’s Day!”

Johnny Cash’s Son Remembers His Dad’s Softer Side

Although Johnny Cash passed away 18 years ago, it seems his image will always live on to his children. His son, John Carter Cash, is a Grammy-winning producer, songwriter and singer. Surely, his father’s success influenced John’s own career path, but the youngest Cash kid remembered more about his father than just who he was on stage.

In an interview with ABC News, John reflected his relationship with his celebrity father and the documentary Johnny Cash: American Rebel, which depicts the creation of the country star icon we still celebrate today.

“My father, to me, is an important piece in American history,” John Carter Cash shared. “There’s valuable insight into my father’s personal life, into his relationships with both his first wife Vivian and my mother provided by family members. It’s very honest.”

John’s mother is Cash’s second wife, June Carter Cash.

Cash’s son also expressed that he will always remember and cherish his father’s softer side most.

“He was so gentle and loving,” John said. “He had so many grandchildren, he was so loving with them. Also, what I cling to most are the memories of when my father and I went on trips together, went on adventures together. He loved to fish, those memories I cherish. We had a lot of great times. The travel, the music, the performances was all part of him, but there’s so much more.”

Cash’s Daughter Shares a Different Story

While the country star was surely an affectionate father, it is hard to ignore the fact that his infidelities and addiction also impacted his children. Roseanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s oldest child, described her childhood to PEOPLE as “chaotic.”

Roseanne is the daughter of Cash’s first wife, Vivian Liberto, who divorced the country star in 1966. Liberto suspected her husband was cheating on her with his future second wife, June Carter, who he married two years later.

“It seemed inevitable, though it was so painful for my mom,” Roseanne recalled.

Despite her hardships with her father, Roseanne shared her father’s love for the stage and even found forgiveness for him while singing beside him.

One night, Johnny Cash asked his oldest daughter to join him on stage to perform “I Still Miss Someone.”

“He worked out all his problems onstage, and that happened with me that night with him,” Roseanne said. “It just all got fixed.”

Although her childhood with her father was complicated, Roseanne still remembers Johnny Cash as “the sweetest dad.”