Johnny Cash’s Son Aims to Be Just Like His Father and Loretta Lynn When He’s Older: ‘That Would Be a Dream’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Johnny Cash’s son John Carter Cash wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wants to be like his dad when he is older.

Johnny Cash had an unbridled work ethic. He never stopped singing, recording, or performing. Retirement wasn’t a goal for a performer like Cash. He performed music, now wheelchair-bound, up until a few months before he died. Carter Cash also sees the same work ethic in Loretta Lynn, whose recorded music into her 80s.

Carter Cash, whose 51, imagines himself working well into his twilight years as well.

“[My father] flourished, and, you know, I’ve seen Loretta do the same thing,” John Carter Cash told Taste of Country. “… To see that continuance that gives me the strength to hope for the future; it also gives me inspiration while I’m working with them … We’re all gonna get [old], and, my God, I hope I’m like my dad and Loretta and my mother. That would be a dream.”

One of his favorite of his father’s albums is Cash’s “American Recordings.” Cash recorded the series, which Carter Cash co-produced, during the 1990s and 2000s. Cash closed out the series with his last album “American IV: The Man Comes Around” in 2002. That album featured “Hurt,” which became one of Cash’s most popular songs of his later career. The tune was both devastating and poignant.

Johnny Cash’s Son And Loretta Lynn

John Carter Cash recently partnered with Loretta Lynn and her daughter Patsy Lynn Russell on Lynn’s latest album. Carter Cash and Russell co-produced the album, in addition to both writing and recording on the project with Lynn as well.

For Carter Cash, it’s a bit like a family reunion. His family and the Lynns were always close growing up. In fact, he described his father and Lynn as “kindred spirits.” Over the years, Carter Cash formed a brother-sister relationship with Russell. The trio has become great collaborative partners.

“It was sort of like my long-lost sister … had suddenly walked into the same room, and we went back to doing what we’d always done,” Carter Cash continued of their working relationship.

In total, Russell, Lynn, and Carter Cash have worked on more than 100 tunes together. In fact, the past four of Lynn’s albums have been collaborative experiences with the two. The three have released 14 songs on “Full Circle” in 2016, 13 tunes on 2018’s “Wouldn’t It Be Great,” and look to continue the trend with the latest album.

Lynn’s “Still Woman Enough” dropped today (March 19) and features 13 songs. Johnny Cash would be proud to see his son still working and producing music.