Johnny Cash’s Son Mourns Death of Country Hall of Famer Tom T. Hall in Moving Tribute

by Clayton Edwards

On Friday, August 20th, the country music world mourned the death of Tom T Hall. Artists and fans alike shared their memories of The Storyteller. They remembered him as a songwriter’s songwriter, a legend, and much more. However, Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, remembers Hall in a different light. Hall wasn’t just a country music legend to John. He was a family friend. He sent his condolences to Hall’s family in a touching Instagram post last night.

 John Carter Cash wrote, “Honor to the family and memory of the great Tom T Hall.” Then, he went on to briefly discuss his relationship with the legendary singer-songwriter. “I grew up with Tom,” Carter-Cash wrote. “He and his wife Dixie were two of my parents’ lifelong friends.” John ended his post with the hashtag, “#TheMusicNeverEnds.”

Tom T Hall and His Wife Co-Penned a Song for Johnny Cash

Just about every traditional country artist has covered a Tom T Hall song at one point in their career. However, few artists cut Hall’s songs before he did. Johnny Cash is on the short list of stars who did just that.

Tom T Hall and his wife Dixie co-penned “I’ll Cross Over Jordan Someday,” and Cash cut it in 1982. He included it on the album The Adventures of Johnny Cash. Only one other artist has cut an official cover of the song, according to Secondhand Songs. They list the Mark Newman Band as the only act to record the song other than Cash.

“I’ll Cross Over Jordan Someday,” sees Johnny Cash sharing his hopes for eternity in heaven. At the same time, it’s a love song. Cash was a man of faith and he loved June Carter-Cash deeply. So, when Tom T and Dixie Hall combined those two things in the track, it was a perfect fit for the Man in Black.

The lyrics of the song fit Cash so well that you’d never guess that he didn’t write them. The chorus sounds like pure Johnny Cash, “I’ll cross over Jordan someday / I’ll sing on that beautiful shore / If God loves me like I love you / I’ll go to heaven for sure.”

Tom T Hall and his wife had two huge advantages going into writing the song. First and foremost, Hall was a master of his craft. Additionally, the couple knew Johnny and June well. So, they were able to craft a song that the Man in Black would feel in his soul when he sang it.

The result of the collaboration was a beautiful uptempo waltz that is as relatable as it is personal. While this isn’t one of Cash’s biggest hits, it’s a solid tune. If you’re looking for something to dedicate to that special someone in your life, this might be the song for you.