Jon Pardi Opens Up About Wedding’s First Dance Song With Wife Summer

by Halle Ames

Jon Pardi is proving to be a “Heartache on the Dance Floor” as he opens up about his first dance with his new wife, Summer.

We would like to formally introduce Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pardi. The cowboy country singer and his blonde, beautiful wife, Summer, have finally made it official after months of postponing. Another special event that fell victim to the pandemic.

Although, when the day finally did arrive right before Thanksgiving, Pardi said there was a lot to be thankful for.

“It was really small and romantic, and we worked really hard to get there with the COVID-19 stuff. And it was just a beautiful wedding, and it was inside, and it was a beautiful day outside, and we had string lights everywhere and flowers, and we had great music. Actually, DJ Silver came through and deejayed for us.”

DJ Silver didn’t steal the show with his tunes, however. It was Jon Pardi himself that made the song for the couple’s first dance.

Duh! What else are you supposed to dance to when you marry a country star?

Jon Pardi “Look at You”

When talking about the song, Pardi said, “Look at You” was the perfect melody for the special moment.

“I wrote a song called ‘Look at You’ for my fourth record that I really like,” Pardi tells The Country Daily. “[Summer] knows it, but then I told her I was going to go record it, and maybe that would be our first dance song. And it came out really pretty. It’s a classic sounding song, and so it was a great first dance song.”

When can excited fans be able to enjoy the couple’s romantic song? Jon Pardi was vague about when he would release “Look at You.”

“I think we’re gonna try to get that out onto the streaming world, and we’ll see what happens.”

I guess in the meantime, we will be belly up to a bar, listening to “Heartache Medication.” Jon Pardi, feel free to save us from ourselves and release the song soon.