Jon Pardi Plans to Give Wife Summer Wild Christmas Present

by Matthew Wilson

Jon Pardi has the perfect Christmas present for his wife Summer, and it’s udderly great. Pardi wants to buy her a cow.

The country singer has a specific cow breed in mind for his grand Christmas present. He wants to get Summer a cow from Scotland called a Highlander cow.

“I was supposed to go look at this cow,” Pardi told Taste of Country. “[Summer] really wants a Highlander cow. I don’t know if you know what a Highlander cow is, but they’re big, fluffy cows, and they’re very tame. Basically, they’re really great in a petting zoo, and she really wants one.”

But Pardi is still unsure about the purchase. He realizes that owning a cow comes with a lot of responsibilities. For instance, he’ll have to add to his estate.

We’ll see,” Pardi said. “It’s just one more thing I gotta do. Then I gotta build the d–n pen, build a little shed for him, running water, and like … you can’t just buy a cow.”

He also questioned whether he would get the cow a companion so the cow wouldn’t be lonely. He considered a donkey as a good companion for a cow.

“Then you gotta get him a buddy, that’s the other thing,” Pardi said. “So it’s either gonna be a donkey, or a miniature donkey… I would like a goat.”

Jon Pardi Plans a ‘Wedding Tour’

Pardi can be known for making bold choices. Recently, Pardi married his fiancee Summer in a small but intimate ceremony. To make it up to the family and friends unable to attend due to the pandemic, Pardi is planning a “wedding tour.”

The couple plans to travel the country to visit all their family and friends.

“With so much of our families being in California, we had to make the tough decision to downsize (drastically) twice. And we ended up with a small group of just our immediate family and closest friends in town,” Summer told People Magazine. “We hope to eventually have a ‘wedding tour’ as Jon calls it. And celebrate with all our family and friends in California, Nashville, and Texas.”