Jon Pardi Reveals How He Spent the Day Leading Up to His Wedding

by Charles Craighill

Earlier today on Instagram, Country singer/songwriter Jon Pardi posted a picture showing what he did the day before his wedding. The picture featured three large pieces of machinery on what looks like a construction site. Looks like Pardi takes no days off, even for his own wedding.

Jon Pardi Marries Summer Duncan

While the wedding didn’t go exactly the way the couple planned, Pardi and Duncan still felt grateful. In a year where weddings and gatherings are sparse– even frowned upon– any cause for celebration is something to get excited about. The two held the celebration at Saddle Wood Farms in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in an intimate gathering.

COVID-19 derailed their original marriage plans in Montana over Memorial Day Weekend. The small gathering in Tennessee worked well enough for them. “There’s never a right time in 2020 to get married, so after all the planning and replanning, we’re happy we got to do it,” the pair told People Magazine.

Due to the downsizing and postponing, Pardi and Duncan plan to celebrate as big as they originally wanted to next year. Many of their family members and close friends had to miss the ceremony this go-round due to distance, so they want to make sure everyone gets a piece of the wedding cake.

Pardi at the CMA Awards

At the CMA Awards, Jon Pardi delivered a high-energy yet heartwarming performance of the late Joe Diffie’s “Pickup Man”. Pardi has listened to Diffie “since the cassette tape days,” according to an Instagram post on the day of Difife’s death. With that in mind, the performance likely marked a high point in his career.

“Bummer day today,” Pardi said on his Instagram post in memory of Joe Diffie. “Joe Diffie was such a nice guy and a great country music singer.” Joe Diffie died on March 29 of this year due to COVID-19 complications. “Having some beers today for the pickup man. Condolences to his family, friends, band, and crew,” Pardi added.