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Jon Pardi Says the ‘Vibe’ of His Next Studio Album Is ‘All Over the Place’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)

Hopefully later this year we will all get to hear Jon Pardi on his next album, but for now, it’s still being worked on. He says that the “vibe” is “all over the place” when it comes to the album. Whatever that means, it sounds like the country music artist is having a good time getting it finished.

With so much that Pardi and the band want to include on the album, they are limiting themselves. Of course, there’s the single Last Night Lonely that has been making the rounds. However, the fourth studio album and the newest record since Heartache Medication will also include 13 additional songs. The band is working with a list of 30 songs currently, and making the cuts hasn’t been so easy.

In a recent talk with Taste of Country Nights, Jon Pardi explained why it’s so hard to limit his next album.

“It’s really easy when you ask our group what can we not live without,” the country singer said. “Then the list fills up really quick.”

“I can’t even tell you the vibe of the record, because it’s all over the place right now,” Pardi said later. “But that’s the way we like our records. We bring it in, we get all these songs … then we get the final list and it’s like, ‘Now we can talk about it.'”

There is no doubt that Pardi has had success in the last few years. From 2016 to now he has had award nominations, millions of streams. Now, he looks to be moving forward with the momentum he gets from each new step he takes. Jon Pardi’s next album could be anything, but what it won’t be is unnecessary.

Jon Pardi Isn’t Going to ‘Do the Whole Triple Album Thing’ on Next Album

When you have 30+ songs to choose from, a single that is already climbing the Top 40, and an album still to release, it could be tempting to do the deluxe album. Or even the rare but somehow becoming more and more common triple album. No shade to anyone who does that. But, I appreciate what Pardi had to say about the idea of an extra-long record or multiple at once.

“I’m not gonna do the whole triple album thing,” Pardi went on to tell Taste of Country. “I’d rather just put this album out and write and write and write and put another one out next year.”

What you see is what you’re going to get with Jon Pardi’s next album. That’s a promise from the man himself it seems. The country singer just sold out the Houston Rodeo and is set to release a new record, it’s an exciting time for the singer-songwriter.