Jordan Davis Misses Live Concerts, While ‘Relishing Extra Time at Home’

by Quentin Blount

Currently off the road due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jordan Davis is relishing the extra time he has at home with his wife Kristen and daughter Eloise.

“I’m getting to spend time with my daughter and getting to see her grow up and getting to write some songs and record some songs,” he told People Magazine. “I’m just getting ready for whenever they let us back out to play shows again. But the time at the house has been awesome.”

Davis said time has being going by “fast” as his daughter approaches her first birthday in November.

“Everybody always says that the years go by fast and the days go by slow,” he said. “But I feel like it always goes by fast. One day you can set her somewhere and you don’t have to worry about her going anywhere. The next day, you wake her up and set her in the same spot, and she’s rolled all the way across the room. You’re just like, ‘Woah! You couldn’t do that yesterday.’ It’s great.”

Although cherishing the extra time with his family, Davis recently took to Twitter to express how much he misses being on stage.

Playing music on Zoom calls inspired Jordan Davis’ new single

As everyone adjusts to life amidst a global pandemic, the rising country singer has done much of the same. Davis said the inspiration to create the acoustic version of his new single, “Almost Maybes,” came from playing on Zoom calls.

“Having to play over video, we don’t have full bands, so we’re just doing acoustic songs like that,” Davis told Jeremy Parsons for PeopleTV’s Red Carpet Live: 55th Academy of Country Music Awards preshow. “We really liked the way we were doing it, so we went in and recorded it and put it out. It looks like it’s reacting really well.”

Davis, 32, co-wrote “Almost Maybes” with Hillary Lindsey, ACM Awards songwriter of the year.

Constantly writing new music, Davis is hard at work on his next album and says it’s life’s changes, both personally and professionally, that continue to inspire his writing.

“Touring the country and sharing Home State with the fans these last couple years, I’ve realized we all have a lot more in common than we think,” Davis reflects. “It inspires me to be more honest when I’m writing because if I’m going through something, chances are so is someone else. Every time I step in that writer’s room it is an opportunity – an opportunity to create something that resonates, that lasts, and that hopefully makes a difference.”