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Josh Turner Tells ‘Young People’ To Look Up Johnny Horton: ‘It’s Worth The Google’

by Kayla Zadel
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Josh Turner is throwing shade at young generations in a recent video. However, it’s all in good fun as he cites Johnny Horton.

The country music artist is playing a game of “Would You Rather” and a clip from the game is posted on Turner’s TikTok. A voice off-camera asks, “Would you rather have the hiccups for the rest of your life or always feel like you have to sneeze but not be able to?”

Turner answers, “Probably hiccup so that way I can sing like Johnny Horton.” He laughs and then continues, “Look him up. It’s worth a Google young people.”

Turner and Horton share the same deep baritone voice. Additionally, Horton often uses the vocal technique called vibrato that can sound like he has the hiccups.

Johnny Horton, The Pioneer of Country Music

Johnny Horton was known as one of the original honky-tonk men. His music is a thread in the Americana blanket that paved the way for country music today.

Horton started pursuing music after winning a talent show in Texas, Wide Open Country reports. The honky-tonk man returned to California, the state where he was born, to write and play music.

This lead to regular appearances on Cliffie Stone’s Hometown Jamboree. This resulted in the opportunity to record with Abbott Records. Then Horton moved to Louisiana after getting a full-time gig appearing on Louisiana Hayride.

Horton then signed a record deal with Mercury Records. He had a few hit songs like, “All for the Love of a Girl.” However, Horton’s let his contract expire and he ended up taking a break from music.

Columbia Records scooped up the singer and Horton moved to Nashville to continue his music career. His sound did change to a “rockabilly” tune when he got to Music City. It’s what we know his music to sound like today.

During his time with Columbia, Horton produced many hits. One of his greatest came in 1959. The song, “The Battle of the New Orleans,” written by Jimmy Driftwood., won the 1960 Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Recording. Furthermore, the song was later inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Sadly, Horton passed away during the height of his career. The country music legend was traveling with his band members from Austin, Texas to Shreveport, Louisiana when they collided with a truck. Horton died in the ambulance before reaching the hospital.